4 Jan

September 24, 2003, the Legislative Branch Appropriations Act passed. Its priorities were set straight. So said, Rep’s Kingston, Moran and Young, in unison. Kingston boasted the Bill came to a ‘fairly good conclusion.’ There’s money so architects can complete the Capitol’s visitor center. Young said $100 million funding for Americorps must included in the Fiscal 2004 appropriations Act. He didn’t want “faith-based groups like Habitat for Humanity, Teach for America, and hundreds of homegrown programs in the districts of everyone here that make a difference every day” denied. 

And, the bill applauds enforcement men and women working under “very stressful and difficult circumstances.” Current officers will receive full overtime funding. But, there is no increase for sworn personnel at the United States Capitol Police, after all, Capitol Police manpower swelled post 9-11 by 37%.  30 sworn officers will return to their jobs because 75 civilians are taking over the desk jobs the officers were forced to fill. Everyone “needs to live within the constraints of our allocation.”  

You see, Kingston doesn’t want Capitol campus “to become a police state.” He’s not comfortable knowing the example being set for school children who come to see “their Capitol building?”

And Kingston made sure to remember “entrepreneurial hard working government employees.” He’s glad to say they’re getting their increases and full 3.7% COLA. Kingston doesn’t want anyone thinking he doesn’t look after his employees. Which he thinks is “very important.” He doesn’t want them “broad brushed” as “bureaucrats.” His staffers work long hours. I guess bureaucrats work shorter hours. And suggest an officer’s job is a cakewalk.

But it’s all about priorities. Kingston assures the District “we’re fighting to make sure that we’re spending taxpayers’ money the way we would spend our own money.” Crystalle, first class plane fare, trips to foreign places….. cool.


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