28 Dec

There comes an age that divides excusing bad behaviour with IT happened. In my perview IT happened works for Tweens & under. IT happened is not a free pass over 63 an adult knowing the difference between Right & Wrong and Wrong & Just Had To Have IT or Do IT or… the list of IT goes on.                           

Copping to a truth when asked to clarify a dodgy descriptive scenario of a spending a day with a person of an undefined Sex [ until asked ] isn’t telling the truth. It is seeing if IT can be gotten away with again. Be assured that if they are divorced IT happened during their marriage & admitted to past relationship [s] with no real belief of their saying there was JUST 1 or 2. More likely there were as many IT happened as there are sunrises and sunsets & stars in the sky. Most likely IT happens was the reason their spouse showed them the door [ at a high cost to their bottom dollar of course ]

Don’t be fooled. Once an IT’r most likely always an IT’r.

Then it comes down to personal choice of the ITee accepting IT happens and getting IT’d on again [ for sure ] left feeling ITee…

Gosh darn it. When will #&IT stop happening…. 


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