28 Dec

Lord Justice Leveson’s Final Inquiry failed before it started. Levesons premise was MEDIA or PRESS exist.

Liverpool born Lord Justice Leveson was asked to lead the public inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the British Press, starting with News Of The World. The scope expanded to include the BBC and social media under the Inquiries Act of 2005, answering the question “ Who guards the guardians” providing “an essential check on all aspects of public life” the press writes on. Leveson held seminars including the topic “the law, the ethics if journalism both from broadsheet and tabloid perspectives and issues of regulation all in the context of supporting the integrity, freedom and independence of the press while ensuring the highest ethical and professional standards.” Leveson said he would hold “some discussion of what amounts to public good, to what extent the public interest should be taken into account and by whom” seeking recommendations for a “more effective policy and regulatory regime supporting the integrity and freedom of the press…” ” extent of unlawful or improper conduct with in among other media organizations…”.

Lord Justice Leveson started his press conference adressing public revulsion at a teenage girl’s cell phone being hacked. http://www.levesoninquiry.org.uk/about/the-report/ Small world that it is, there is more to the story only I know to tell.

Milly Dowling’s mother had said in a television moment or told media her daughter was ironing her jeans before heading by herself, a fourteen year old, to a concert down in London by herself. I believe Millie’s mother let her take the train, I believe, to Londong by herself. A parent let a child, a 14 year old child, travel in that way, at that late hour by herself. That detail disappeared from the news. I did look for it to repeat itself. As did Reverend Al Sharpton’s moment blaming the Jews for the Howard Beach incident disappear from being repeated in the news, so did this. Media? Politicos? Or Policing. Pick one. Or pick them all.

I thought that detail of Millie ironing her jeans to then travel to London was important. I cross credentialed as a CCIA, MPI, profiler plus. I was active in building the first discrete site crime analysis lab on a college campus on the continent. I was relevant enough to head to the Marleybone constabulary with that detail, bringing along my certification and my Chief’s letter to validate my input in this disappearance.

I presented my credentials. I stated my point. The constable I was speaking with stood up, came, stood next to me, put his arm on mine, looked me in the eyes and said, chillingly “There are some details better left alone.” And then he repeated himself. There was nothing further I wanted the constable, the British version of a desk sergeant to say. I understood a veiled threat when I heard one. I left. And I hoped I would never run into that officer again.I never forgot those words. I also never forgot Millie’s website set up in her memory nor the lesson parents need to hear that sometimes are children are children. And sometimes the world is the world.

Lord Justice Leveson did not adress the Soham murders. Was it two years before the trial of the teacher and her boyfriend that the Daily Express offered a reward for details leading to the capture of the murderers and finding the girls. I had sent my notes in to the Express. I spoke to the then editor. Headlines tend to dominate decision making for papers as headlines tend to dominate for constables with chilling tones. The Evening Herald in Dublin ran my pieces. From Day 1, I had described a John Steinbeck scenario of Lenny in the Grapes of Wrath. One girl spooked. Killed while being muffled. The other. A witness. We know the end of the story, don’t we. So who is more at fault, the constabulary who did not want to adress a 14 year olds train ride to London I believe Millie took, or the media, who wanted sales generated by wild goose chases of sightings by cab drivers, mounds in fields and so on. Or parents partying without oversight to children. David Beckham was made the hero here when in fact it was the little girl wearing Beckham’s number which contributed to their deaths. Beckham’s 7 was the conversation opener between the murderer and the murdered.

Who is to say the investigative work of the police was more valuable or less valuable than the investigative work done by the paper. It was what I read in the papers that allowed me to profile both murders, building piles of data and sorting through the piles for details. Millie’s case and the Soham’s girls situations are prime examples of bad policing where as Lord Justice Leveson words ring biased. Where police failed, Media mattered.

But Media died. Press is what one does to a doorbell. Levesons limited understanding of what ‘media’ is in an Internet age doomed his chairing the inquiry before it started http://www.levesoninquiry.org.uk These days too many badges saying ‘press’ are home made at the local FEDX/Kinkos by wannabes wanting in on the Circus, people with opinions they express on the internet seeking their fifteen minutes of fame. Media, as it was once known, officially died in DC in the East Room of the White House the day President Obama signed the Health Care Act in to law. Media’s money shot was blocked by audience holding cell phones and cameras high in the air credentialed photographers could not shoot around. The President was using his bloated photographic staff to provide then distribute ‘behind the scenes’ photos over Flickr, Shutterfly, Instagram, Pinterest, youtube plus.

After several months of deliberating Media Gone Wild, Leveson provided a 2000 page report on his inquiry. Only ONE of out of over 2000 pages addressed Social Media, in a world gone lawless with the Internet outpacing legislators attempts to regulate online with measures to end lawless practices. Leveson erred when he wrote “the press on the other hand does claim to operate by and adhere to an ethical code of conduct” and “the Internet does not claim to operate by express ethical standards so. Bloggers and others may if they choose act with impunity.” Leveson failed to note Internet users and Print are equally bound by local and other laws- business, racist, hate speech, threats, fraud, and so on. The difference is, Bloggers and others cannot be found easily, if at all, while Print can.

Leveson failed to note everyone today is Media from the 5 year old girl taking video at a red carpet for Michael Moore’s movie, about big money in politics, to the stalking grandmother who spends her retired days going from one Think Tank event to another, camera in hand. Had I not been there to separate Dick Thornburgh from her, one can only imagine. The fear in his face. The lack of think tank security with on site staff not trained how to separate the former US Attorney General from a woman he did not want to offend lest that become a moment she posted to the Internet, picked up in the broken telephone then reported as ‘by media’ who are unfettered, untrained home grown “gotcha” people misrepresenting themselves as “MEDIA”. The Leveson Inquiry did not address them. Understandable, Leveson does not know Media died. Entertainment lives in print, online and on television.

The Internet is bloated with brain farts called Twitter, glutted with the obscenity of Reality TV starz with handheld PDAs, people with cameras turned stalkerazzi, feeding images to online Internet sites offering Photos of Stars to whoever will pay for pics of Famous people. These sites pop up overnight at little cost, tracking stars or politicos with GPS, interrupting stars in bathroom stalls, chase them into parking garages or in family moments. Actor Joey Pantalone complained he cant take his family to dinner in a public restaurant without being interrupted or followed or snapped with a spoon in his mouth. Andrew Dice Clay and Shia Le Beouf threw coffee at a paparazzi stalking them. Hayden Pantierre said she didn’t know how to ask the paparazzi stalking her to go away, fearing the paparazzi would sell a story on her not being nice.

Leveson said press “operates very differently from blogs on the Internet and other social media such as Twitter.” Leveson was correct. Land locked print entities are trackable at brick addresses while the Internet runs lawless with anonymous postings, untrackable site owners, no brick addresses, no phone numbers, no way to track entities invading privacies, participating in ID theft, IP theft. The Internet allows phantoms to disappear in a click of a DELETE button.

Lord Justice Leveson erred saying there is no longer a presumption of privacy. There is a presumption of privacy. There is a failure to define privacy boundaries from invasion by technology giants Google, Microsoft, Bing, and the consumer. It isn’t phone hacking that should be on trial. The individuals privacy is under attack by marketers bundled user data for targeted marketing. TV technology is being used to watch viewers for targeted marketing. A couple snuggling on their sofa will be sent lovey-dovey advertisements between shows.

Lord Justice Leveson saying Print Media has a grasp on Reader Consumption was wrong. New York State’s oldest newspaper the 214 year old Ballston Journal was closed down December 21st, with owner Angela McFarland citing “increasing production costs, shifts in readership and declining advertising revenue all played a part in her decision to convert to a digital-only format.” McFarland was transitioning the Journal from print to online. Costs for ink, paper and mailing were continuing to rise. McFarland was seeing businesses “relying on social media hoping that will get them through.” McFarland wasn’t seeing a lot of local advertising dollars being spent. Local officials, chambers of commerce and investors did not provide the $25-$50K she sought. McFarland said “online and social media traffic began to outpace print subscriptions… I think a smart media person learns to go adapt and go where the eyeballs are.” McFarland hired a consulting firm specializing in digital news to help her transition from print to paywall. Paywall means some content is only for people who pay for access to the content.

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett owned World Media Enterprises closed the 143 year old Manassas News & Messenger and its website InsideNoVa.com covering news in Prince William County, Manassas and Manassas Park Sunday. All employees lost their jobs. Seventy two other jobs have been cut in the company. World Media Enterprises purchased the paper, as well as others, from Media General in June said the paper was losing money and “had a tough time finding the sense of community that a community newspaper needs to prosper.”

The Newspaper Association of America stats indicated the nine months prior to September 30th, “print advertising in the nation’s newspapers fell 7.7% while online ads grew by 2.5%.” Online ads are 15% of advertisers $16 billion spent towards reaching newspaper audiences. Digital revenue has a ways to go to make up for lost print sales.
Fenimore Asset Management media research analyst Drew Wilson said newspapers appear to be losing out the most “in the reapportioning of the print pie.” Wilson predicts the way forward is more digital only publications and “definitely” less print publications. Publications continue to cut back print editions. Not even selling Newsweek for $1 could save America’s iconic publication. RIP December 31st, Newsweeks last print edition.

The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, a project undertaken in conjunction with the Project for Excellence in Journalism’s News Coverage Index, conducts an ongoing content analysis of the news. 1000 adults over the age of 18 are interviewed by telephone.

The Pew Center study corrected Lord Justice Leveson’s misstatement. Leveson said, television continues to be cited most frequently as a main source for national and international news, at 70%.” “For young people, however, the internet now rivals television as a main source of national and international news. Nearly six-in-ten Americans younger than 30 (59%) say they get most of their national and international news online; an identical percentage cites television.”

A second Pew report showed news is going mobile seeking mobile platforms to stimulate revenue in local markets. 28% said losing their local paper would hurt their ability to keep up with information. 39% said the “loss of the newspaper would have no impact.” “Nearly half of all American adults (47%) report that they get at least some local news and information on their cellphone or tablet computer.

 35% of mobile local news consumers feel they can have a big impact on their community (vs. 27% of other adults)
 65% feel it is easier today than five years ago to keep up with information about their community (vs. 47% of non mobile connectors)
 51% use six or more different sources or platforms monthly to get local news and information (vs. 21%)
 75% use social network sites (vs. 42%)
 15% use Twitter (vs. 4%)


Leveson was wrong stating (1) “although the press is not a person or a body corporate or incorporate, I shall adress notices under rule 13 of the 2006 rules to ‘the press’ as a class likely to be restricted to the national (as opposed to the regional) press but to encompass not only core participants but also other companies who operate titles that fall within this definition.” The media is made the wrong up. Leveson do.

Further more noting ‘most people will not assume that what they read on the Internet is trustworthy or that is carries any particular assurance or accuracy.’ Suggesting there is a ‘qualitative difference’ between seeing a picture posted online versus people seeing a photo on the front page of a newspaper is ignoring most people read news online. It is Online communication not a dying print industry that spreads words, truth or lie (twitter at less than 144 characters) faster than wildfire. This is a world where each countries search engines censor what the rest of the world sees. Malfeasance in the UK may not be seen by the rest of the world. Malfeasance spread to the rest of the world is blocked from the UK- a decision made by legislators and the megaliths Lord Justice Leveson chose not to address.

As a faith filled man, Lord Justice Leveson understands the comparison of the Internet’s scope of distribution being beyond imagination with the facility to spread embarrassment, shame and lies within the Internet vortex best likened to Sodom and Gemorah, a thousand voices speaking at once lightening fast rather than the slow speed of print- one purchased newspaper at a time.

Leveson forgot.

Media, print, online are descriptive words. People are what provide content. Leveson’s one and only conclusion should have been involved persons are the sacrificial lambs used for example just like the olden days of England where Justice took place in public squares in view of the masses. Times haven’t changed. Innovation has. The new public square is the Internet not print. People failed. Humanity disappointed. Not the print industry but people who think the internet is a forum to get away with breaches of decency and etiquette.

Lord Justice Leveson failed to acknowledge in his ONE sheet addressing Social Media that content providers to websites, blogs, have access to places real media cant go. Leveson failed to acknowledge Print Media now repeats its content online. Real media movement at events is restricted by their Press handlers who restrict access. That is exactly how Mitt Romneys campaign killing youtube moment was made. Media was not allowed in the room. Someone with an agenda and a Guest Ticket was in the room. This was the case with naked Prince Harry. Media didn’t take the photo. An attendee with a PDA knowing the value of the photo took the picture. I photographed the Prince at Cirencester polo. Credentialed media were told by the Duke not to photograph the boys departing in Wills car. Media respected the Duke. We turned our camera lens down.

Lord Justice Leveson holding what is left of the Print Industry to a higher standard is wrong. Leveson should have held society to the same standard, one of the Ten Commandments as an orthodox Jew he upholds, “RESPECT”. The words “Kabed et aveecha v’et amehcha”, “Honor thy Father and Mother” apply to how we treat our fellow man.

Lord Justice Leveson holding what is left of the Print Industry to a higher standard than online mega-entities “likely to have to operate under considerable new constraints but big online publishers such as Google, Facebook and Twitter are likely to remain unaffected” confirmed Leveson’s unsuitability to chair the Inquiry. Governments including the UK government are using technological giants to implement increasing invasion of privacies people once held even in their own homes. Twitter, Facebook, Google etc turn in private conversations to law enforcement. People are learning in real time, real life, litigation and in Technology industry disclosures that their online communication did not DELETE when the User clicked the DELETE button. It is those exact megalith “online publishers such as Google, Facebook and Twitter” who hold our lives, trade secrets, legal briefs, indiscretions that Lord Justice Leveson should have addressed not what is left of a once glorious profession- Print, moreso since the megaliths admit they are not exempt from hacking. Even Lord Justice Leveson and his family are at risk for public humiliation if groups like Anonymous or Julian Assange decide to expose what goes on beneath a Lords robes.

Lord Justice Leveson erred when said “social media and blogs are in an ethical vacuum beyond the remit of regulation.” Social media and blogs are IN the “remit of regulation.” Laws, legal books, judicial decisions fit this newest business medium. The comparative is simple-Apples to Apples. Online or offline a sale is sale, business is business, stalking is stalking, theft is theft, verbal abuse and bullying are verbal abuse and bullying, I can go on. Lord Justice Leveson should have said ‘don’t make new laws.’ Paraphrasing OJ’s council, “If the law fits, use it.”

The expression ‘America sneezes the UK catches the cold’ bodes here to. The virus is technological innovation outpacing legislative interpretation and implementation. Technology is mirroring peoples real time behaviours brought to the surface by the Internet giants. Courtesy of the internet, online stalking is the new way- using GPS tracking and Foursquare, disclosure of private information- banking details, addresses, unpublished numbers even private passwords to websites, advents like google maps showing a person at their home in great detail, poking, copyright and patent theft, IP and ID theft. Lord Justice Leveson’s failure doesn’t stop here. Lord Justice Levesons failure begins here. Lord Justice Leveson missed his chance to create the higher standard to rein in the global Internet as continues as it continues to morph.

A practicing Orthodox Jew, Leveson answers to a Higher Authority as Leveson rules from the Bench and his private life, guided by the Ten Commandments that list three THOU SHALTS and seven THOU SHALT NOTs- not steal, not murder, not lie, love thy neighbor, respect elders and be kind to fellow man. Lawmakers sitting in the Supreme Court Of The United States in Washington DC, a reminded their Court answers to an even Higher Authority by the ever present Decalogue held in Moses hands carved in to the right frieze above them. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said at a Holocaust Memorial held at Capitol Hill, her decision making is influenced by the Biblical phrase “Rodef Rodef Shalom,” “chase chase peace.” Leveson failed to pursue peace or Justice. Leveson failed to rule by the traditions of Orthodoxy before him as did the Deborahs, the Solomons before him are remembered, still, generations later.

Leveson forgot his ancestry. Media, print, online are descriptive words. People are what provide content. More than likely, Anonymous or Assange or their wannabees or other insidious people trained at proliferating hacking schools are going to dig deep the reveal Lord Justice Levesons online and offline life. They did it to the New York Times, publishing the papers staff’s personal information after the NYT published personal details on gun owners. The NYT set to publish more gun owner data. It isnt rocket science more NYT personal info will be released. Online.

RIP Media. The final nail is in Print’s coffin. Given a chance to do something amazing, Higher Authority Lord Justice Leveson failed.

[ Carrie Devorah is a former member of the NUJ, National Union of Journalists, is a member of the Senate Press Photographers and the White House News Photographers Associations in Washington DC. Devorah is a former religion editor well known for her works in faith. Devorah is an alumnus of Yeshiva University’s Stern College For Women & Pratt Institute

Photograph taken at Eldridge Street Synagogue museum located on the Lower East Side NYC USA

Photograph taken at Eldridge Street Synagogue museum located on the Lower East Side NYC USA]


LET CONGRESS HEAR FROM YOU. Contact Congressmen Fred Upton, Joe Barton and Ed Markey & Senators Rand Paul, Mark Warner to protect your Identity and Intellectual Property from theft and cyber stalking. Contact Senator Tim Scott to defend your rights as an Entrepreneur

CAPITOL HILL Switchboard (202) 224 3121
HOUSE: http://www.Markey.house.gov, http://www.Joebarton.house.gov,http://www.Upton.house.gov

SENATE: Senator Mark Warren http://www.warner.senate.gov Senator Rand Paul http://www.paul.senate.gov ENTREPRENEUR ADVOCATE [ the amazing ] Congressman soon to be Senator TIM SCOTT
And of course contact YOUR OWN Congressman & Senator & Parlimentarian & of course Lord Justice Levensons Inquiry

(public information) generalenquiries@levesoninquiry.org.uk
The postal address for the Inquiry is:
The Leveson Inquiry
Royal Courts of Justice,
For telephone queries, please call:
020 7947 7361


  1. demonmasters December 29, 2012 at 1:23 pm #

    Well Done! I do agree there are more wannabe journalist all over the internet spreading their form of truth and/or deception. The funny thing is there has always been yellow journalism, remember Walter Winchell? And today journalists seem far more interested in promoting their own rising star through sensationalism than through the hard work of investigative Reporting that took place by real professional journalists in the past. Those that knew you held your tongue concerning embarrassing personal matters if they were of no other import other than sensationalizing a story. Then there are the TV journalists, most of which today are no more than opinion columnists telling me what they think. Here’s a news flash, if I tune in the local or national news the very last thing I care to hear is the opinion of the well groomed man or woman reading the tele-prompter. Just tell me the facts, I’ll take it from there. That said here we are, everyone with a cell phone is a man on the street reporter today, and what they don’t see or capture rest assured big brother’s camera on every street corner, every department store and 7-11 has captured you doing everything you do in the course of a day. Smile! you’re on everyone’s candid camera!!

    • THE-REPORT-CARD December 29, 2012 at 4:07 pm #

      NY States oldest newspaper died December 21. I added the details to the post.

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