26 Dec

Coca Cola SCROOGED it retailers.

Just before Christmas COCA COLA sent retailers a’ Dear Retailer letter your costs are going up January 1 2013.’ Mohammed owns a Pizza Shop down off Liberty Street in New York Battery Park. Coca Cola products to retailers like Mohammed who then offers Coca Cola products along with his garlic knots & pizza. Taped to Mohammed’s wall near the register is Mohammeds certificate showing Mohammed supports NYPD crime watch program, some business cards along with THE LETTER Coca Cola addressed to him the owner of his business.

Customers who get close enough to Mohammed working his cash register see the COCA COLA letter on the wall. With the continuing pounding FISCAL CLIFF on the political war drums, the voice of the Mohammeds, the little people, are lost. How many more costs raising notices can a Pizza & Garlic knot business like Mohammeds handle before Mohammed becomes an immigrant story of a man who Dreamed a dream Came to America then Became & failed because leaders of his new world were Fiscally Irresponsible while Mohammed was not. Mohammed counted his pennies & nickels & dimes & saved until he owned his Pizza shop on Liberty Street in Downtown New York.
COCA COLA was not telling their whole truth in the financial disclosure cost increase letter adressed to their retailers like Mohammed. Raw product costs may be going up in the world, sure. The appearance of cost raising has become corporately socially acceptable thing to do these days. Nobody wants to appear to be a 1% not even corporations. Even FACEBOOK has squirreled away monies to as not appear UBER rich. At the same time raw material & business operating costs are going up in the world, corporations like COCA COLA have not backed off funding their global community FOUNDATIONS a perceived CHARITABLE OUTREACH effort.

The COCA COLA FOUNDATION states they have implemented THE UN’s GUIDING PRINCIPLES. The UN’s GUIDING PRINCIPLES is an analytic of POTENTIAL RIGHTS impacted across the Coca Cola food chain starting with raw materials COCA COLA uses all the way to end use of the raw materials. COCA COLA writes “we have identified human rights risks along with policies & actions for mitigating them” providing managers a CHECKLIST of 5 human-rights related due diligence addressing Migrant labor Child labor Plant sitting etc claiming the steps COCA COLA has taken are inseparable “from our daily operations.” Despite having their HUMAN RIGHTS statement & WORKPLACE RIGHTS policy & Supplier Guiding principles, COCA COLA has overlooked that charitable decency begins at home especially for Mom & Pop retailers like Mohammeds Pizza place in Battery Park NY. Mohammed asked aloud how much more can costs go up before he is forced to consider closing down.

The COCA COLA Company FOUNDATION website states the company is included in the CALVERT SOCIAL INDEX describing the CALVERT SOCIAL INDEX as a “broad-based performance benchmark for U.S.-based sustainable and responsible companies.” CALVERT SOCIAL INDEX that Coca Cola belongs to is not a SOCIAL INDEX as we might envision. The Calvert Social Index is an investment house. CALVERT SOCIAL INDEX as an investment management firm says it “conducts a sustainability audit in the areas of Governance & ethics Environment Workplace Product safety & impact Community relations International operations & Human and Indigenous peoples rights.
COCA COLA writes that “Calvert cited our Company’s progress and emerging leadership in labor/human rights & water stewardship as primary reasons for the inclusion” in the CALVERT SOCIAL index. ” What is the CALVERT SOCIAL INDEX & why should Mohammed care.”

The Calvert Social Index is a broad-based, rigorously constructed benchmark for measuring the performance of large, U.S.-based companies following sustainable and responsible policies” providing “comprehensive information on the companies in the Index, the daily value and performance of the Index and the industry sector representation.” Calvert “manages investment risk and reveal opportunities.” Calverts goal is “Deliver to our clients investment performance that remains consistently strong over the long term” with no mention of COCA COLAs squeezing Mohammed on Liberty Street for every last dime Mohammed has. Calvert says “Our disciplined approach to money management goes beyond traditional factors to manage risk and identify investment opportunities with long-term potential.” Calvert Investments, founded in 1976, declares it is one of the nation’s most respected investment management firms listed in the TOP FIFTY of mutual funds serving financial advisors across America.

Calverts FIVE KEY STRENGTHS are Discipline Experience Choice Integrity & Commitment the core foundation of the disciples strength form the foundation of the company. Anyone can call Calvert at 800 368 2748 for CALVERT INVESTMENTS Summary Prospectus. Even Mohammed can call to find out why HUMAN RIGHTS TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP are being disavowed in America. Calvert Investment Management Inc mutual funds are underwritten and distributed by Calvert Investment Distributors, Inc., member, FINRA, and subsidiary of Calvert Investments, Inc. 800.368.2748 .

Mohammed needs to pay REAL GOOD attention to the bottom of Calverts site “This site intended for citizens and permanent residents of the United States of America.” This conflicts with the agenda of the COCA COLA FOUNDATION. Why then isn’t COCA COLA ceasing their attention to HUMAN RIGHTS overseas and focus where Human Rights should be addressed at the Best Pizza Place in New York next door to Pic A Bagel. Why aren’t activists asking COCA COLA to focus on the Citizens & Permanent Residents of the USA. Why aren’t FINRA & the SEC questioning the relationship between CALVERT INVESTMENTS & COCA COLA?

When will this mood to take on COCA COLA hit the Stand-Up-Americas Little Man who can wield a big stick to shake in the face of COCA COLA. The appearance of COCA COLA abusing a charitable status in the name of increasing Big Business Dividends to investors should be questioned not about its new math but about giving dividends to its loyal customers like Mohammed working on LIBERTY in downtown NYC. Bah Humbug. Its unfair the little man in business gets Scrooged


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