24 Dec

Santa is on his way. Seeing him and his sleigh are more difficult now with Nanny State Mayor Michael Bloombergs order to downsize… Downsizing was not limited to sodas as thought prior. Bloomberg in his effort to grow cash he cut people starting with the Merry Old St. Nick the sled and of course the reindeer.

Santa has been told he needs to start bagging up after his reindeers popped. Innocent people have been bonked by silly sized reindeer poop some thought as first were lumps of coal. Yes lumps. No- coal. No- manna from Heaven or for the garden….If you thing Mayor Nanny Bloomberg has gone too far let him know…. And that the three HOs in HO HO HO are not Christmas bullying…

just spreading some good the old fashioned non Nanny state way…. YO Rudolph YO Blitzer… YO YO YO YO YO


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