24 Dec

Facebook is OFF-SHORING to the CAYMANS via IRELAND. Quelle surpris!!!! Owning 503.6 million FB shares Mark Zuckerberg became one of the youngest billionaires in a day valued at $19.25 million able of eliminating the US projected $16 trillion dollar with the stroke of a pen or in these days a PAY PAL transfer to the US Treasury. If MARK ZUCKERBERG was truly charitable & LIKEd America that is. It is all about He Who Has More Dies Like The Rest Just With A lot More Stuff Left Behind. 

Darn thing is about Presidents & THEIR fiscal planning is that the John & Jane Doe public are told the POTUS account is held BLIND TRUST in the hands of another while POTUS serves his term. BLIND TRUST? Or three blind NICE… good people who are accepting the manager of the BLIND TRUST is Deaf Dumb too when it comes to financial news rocking the markets. In the matter of POTUS 44 there is the coincidence that former Communications dude GIBBS sidestepped to FB after serving as the BEARER OF GLAD & BAD TIDINGS to the bodies sitting before him in the Brady Briefing Room.

The IRELAND CONNECTION has long been a favorite of money squirreling away. Ride up & down Capitol Hill elevators enough one is almost surely going to hear that is where someone or other Madoff & OJ are presumed to have green stashed there. Talk about Four Leaf Clovers waiting to happen. Facebook Ireland posted a loss of £15million for the year. Hundreds of millions had been routed to their subsidiary in the Cayman Islands and to its US parent company. £440m was moved into an Irish sister company before being diverted to a subsidiary company in the Cayman Islands

Horse racings Orgeon hub connected through to Europe. A PADDY who worked on that system set up had said technology was ahead of the average man. Adressing horseracing the PADDY said bets were being dropped on races seconds after the race started. Races only last 6-7 seconds in the average sprint. A bet dropped after the start is almost a sure thing. NYRA challenged a PUNTERS a few years back for dropping bets after horses broke the gate. Quelle supris!!!! 

The tax avoidance loophole small enough to slip through one of the snakes St Patricks is said to have banished from Ireland is used by 40 some odd other global corporations including Google & Starbucks. Irish are up in arms at Starbucks paying on 8.6 million pounds corporation tax despite hauling in more than billions of pounds in sales over th past 14 years. Starbucks paid nothing in the last three years of UK trading. Protesters are threatening to close Starbucks branches at a time Starbucks announced a plan to open 1600 more across American in a short enough period. Starbucks is best loved for free accessible bathrooms everywhere around the world for locals & tourists. Lines move fairly quickly at most providing relief beyond a Java Jolt.

Google has been SNOOGLING over 10 billion pounds of pre-tax profits into Atlantic Island a Bermuda based shell company to avoid paying over topping 1 billion a tax maneuver used to bring down the MITT ROMNEY presidential run with a NO LIKE while Google which employs OBAMA administration advisors & former staffers & consultants continuing to effect into INTERNET OVERSIGHT ways to access users IP & ID & private content for maximum profits still rating a LIKE from users… despite.

Irelands threat to GO AFTER multinational companies dodging taxes may just be a valueless Shot Across The Bow for posturing purposes in that one does not need to be in IRELAND to poach IRISH TAX DOLLARS for good use in Hibernia. Keep in mind America professed to be MOST POPULAR PRESIDENT EVER discovered Irish roots in 2007 during the time Obama began his presidential bid. Thing is no one else of his Irish family tree has any knowledge of THOSE EARS anywhere else in the family way. By coincidence neither does the said to be does the American side of the family way have those ears either….. just saying….

Obama administration friend Mark Zuckerberg became a multi billionaire in one day with FACEBOOK floating $104 billion shares under its problem laden IPO offering the SEC continues to question.



LET CONGRESS HEAR FROM YOU. Contact Congressmen Fred Upton, Joe Barton and Ed Markey & Senators Rand Paul, Mark Warner to protect your Identity and Intellectual Property from theft and cyber stalking. Contact Senator Tim Scott to defend your rights as an Entrepreneur

CAPITOL HILL Switchboard (202) 224 3121

HOUSE: http://www.Markey.house.govhttp://www.Joebarton.house.gov,http://www.Upton.house.gov

SENATE: Senator Mark Warren http://www.warner.senate.gov Senator Rand Paul http://www.paul.senate.gov ENTREPRENEUR ADVOCATE [ the amazing ] Congressman soon to be Senator TIM SCOTT

And of course contact YOUR OWN Congressman & Senator





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