24 Dec

The reader CROWDSHARING A LOUSE asks how to handle discovering on FACEBOOK their significant other is IN A RELATIONSHIP. The named person isn’t them. LOUSE never sent them a FB friend request. LOUSE named the NAMED two days after posting being in a relationship. The reader had asked LOUSE a few times if there were others or not. LOUSE said they had no time for others. The reader discovered LOUSE was IN A RELATIONSHIP when that message was posted on FB and the NAMED was not them. The reader wants to email the truth to the NAMED they were both being seen by LOUSE at the same time up until the STATUS update was seen on FB quite by chance. What should CROWDSHARING A LOUSE- warn the OTHER PARTY the truth about the Louse? What do you think CROWSHARING A LOUSE should do? 

Dear Crowdsharing  A giant hug for the hurt & welcome to the world of the internet where people can be who they want to be whenever they dont want to be themselves. Consider yourself fortunate you found out when you did. Consider this a little bump in the road you will get over in time & lastly state this affirmation at the moments your heart weighs heaviest “Thank you God for saving me from myself again.” LOUSEs come & go. Ask yourself is LOUSE the best you want for yourself. If that answer is NO. Then Laugh Love Live & be thankful LOUSE moved on. You arent left behind Reader. You werent even left. You were given a LOTTERY TICKET FOR LOVE 


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