22 Dec

What weren’t people reading a while back when we posted Facebook weird behaviour was happening when a WORD document was open & Facebook was shut & the Internet closed that the spinning & freezing of FB page was happening when a WORD document was being worked in without the USER being online. THEN filled in User names & password information were being wiped blank. THEN passwords were showing up in GOOGLE CHROME profiles. There we were THE REPORT CARD WAS again to the Prom before it began. GOOGLE has upped its invasion body snatching behaviours from viewers calling it ONLINE INTELLIGENCE when it is nothing short of spying. Online marketers are being sold details on who got snogged Where & When in order to up the ante of Cyber Stalking consumers in the name of advertising or marketing.

CONVERSIONS API was rolled out covertly by GOOGLE without details on their project GOOGLE says is advertising centeric. CONVERSIONS is TECH TALK for DIGITAL METRICS measuring USER BEHAVIOUR online. GOOGLE maintains knowing what a USER does ONLINE is not complete unless GOOGLE can match the USERS offline REAL LIFE behaviour with it. GOOGLE revealed on its Doubleclick search site blog consumers behaviour off & online information is targeted ONLY to allow advertisers to learn then stating GOOGLE announced the OPEN BETA of their CONVERSIONS API which will upload offline conversion automatically inputting IN-store transactions CALL-tracking & other online activities in to GOOGLE where the data will be combined with other information “to optimize your campaigns based on even more of your business data” assuring consumer data gathered OFF & Online will be “cloaked through the safeguards that will allow for complete and total anonymity for customers.” Online USER interactions will mirror the USERS real life. An in-store VICTORIA SECRET purchase will inspires promoted ads mirroring the USERS real life. GOOGLE CONVERSION API will lob similar adverts at the customer when online which will be a problem for someone trying to hide an affair a secret or being outed or trying to hide Christmas gifts from children of all ages.

There is no guarantee the site holding the data wont be hacked or unencrypted or captured then sold to or by 3rd parties or government. There is the reality GOOGLE wont be able to anonymize the INTEL gathered by GOOGLE that is held on millions of servers around the world with the real risk this personal data will be used for more than just advertising companies. In 2012 alone the US government requested personal data on over 8K people around the world. Government surveillance is on the rise GOOGLE said just not saying WHICH government.

Eleanor Roosevelt promoted CENSUS participation in 1942 failing to describe the CIVIC duty as data gathering. Hence the US government was able to locate the Japanese for lock up in internment camps within hours of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The 2016 movie visual of the green of the Caliphate spreading across the world beggars a very serious second look at the massage of intel gathering begin fed as HARMLESS to the American & other people around the world.


LET CONGRESS HEAR FROM YOU. Contact Congressmen Fred Upton, Joe Barton and Ed Markey & Senators Rand Paul, Mark Warner to protect your Identity and Intellectual Property from theft and cyber stalking. Contact Senator Tim Scott to defend your rights as an Entrepreneur

CAPITOL HILL Switchboard (202) 224 3121


SENATE: Senator Mark Warren Senator Rand Paul ENTREPRENEUR ADVOCATE [ the amazing ] Congressman soon to be Senator TIM SCOTT

And of course contact YOUR OWN Congressman & Senator

2 Responses to “GOOGLE IS WATCHING YOU:”

  1. demonmasters December 23, 2012 at 3:23 pm #

    It would appear that Orwell merely got the date wrong, not the substance or content of his story. When will people come to understand that to maintain a private life, somethings must remain private. For our government intelligence agencies too maintain our safety they must have secrets and private conversations etc.Do we deserve anything less for ourselves? This is at best a fumbling mess that puts innocent people at risk, or worse some clandestine project of malicious intent, would you not agree?


    • THE-REPORT-CARD December 28, 2012 at 7:20 pm #

      Absolutely Rick. BUT what happens when the government behind the scenes has shifted our goal posts to a hidden location so we operate and share details we believe are private only to find out later….

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