22 Dec

Mr & Mrs Obama released their Christmas message from Hawai’i spelled the new funky way by WH pool looking for ways to jazz up what appears to be a slam bang vakay but turns out to be a lot of chase & hold & if lucky get sound bytes or a snap unblocked by WH Staffers & lookie loos. With no word if the President & First Lady will be heading to their $30 million plus digs that were readied in the event 44 stayed 44 & did not become Lame Duck [ no word on if that is a menu dish or will just remain a title ] the Obama message was released in a youtube video sans BO the four legged one.

The Obamas said over 90K have come through the White House to see the holiday decorations themed “Joy to All” – a reminder to appreciate the many joys of the holidays: the joy of giving…the joy of service…and, of course, the joy of homecomings.”

President Obama said “And this year, that’s especially true for some of our military families. You see, the war in Iraq is over. The transition in Afghanistan is underway. After a decade of war, our heroes are coming home. And all across America, military families are reuniting.” POTUS said “For my family and millions of Americans, it’s a time to celebrate the birth of Christ. To reflect on His life and learn from His example. Every year, we commit to love one another. To give of ourselves. To be our brother’s keeper. To be our sister’s keeper. But those ideas are not just part of our faith. They’re part of all faiths. And they unite us as Americans.” POTUS acknowledged “I know many of you are extending that kindness to the families who are still picking up the pieces from Hurricane Sandy and your prayers to the people of Newtown, Connecticut.”

There was no mention of a FISCAL CLIFF. No mention of Hawaii.No mention of CARE packages being sent to troops stolen. No mention of Absentee Ballots for troops burned in a fire or that absentee ballots didn’t make it to be counted until the DAY after the election. Some say this was the pendulum that would have swung the vote the OTHER way. No mention that while troops are coming home MORE correctly it is reported by the El Paso Times the role will shift from combat to advisory

Departure Day December 21 at 7:38pm White House pooler LA Times correspondent Christi Parsons before handing off to In Town pooler turned in Pool Report 4 SUBJECT Obama Departure from South Lawn reporting the Obamas boarded Marine One “POTUS had a book under one arm and daughter Malia under the other.” Gotta forgive Christi. She is a Left Coast correspondent. Budget cuts in California the way they are, one still expects correspondents covering the WH to be held to an even higher level of authority & performance.

No mention from HAWAII by FLOTUS & POTUS( the man with enough strength to reportedly carry a 14 year old under his arm across the South Lawn to Marine One) of so much more that should be said about America words that need to be said on this day…. Anno Domini… this time of Year remembering a Carpenter… a man with a Trade who didn’t go into college or debt for a career with potential enough to please his Jewish Mother… You vanna be Good? You mean God? Oy vey? Is there a doctor in da house?…. There is. In Hawaii. Assigned to the man the American people are looking to for deliverance…..


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