21 Dec

Sell a little. Buy a little. Cash already in the bank.

Did you know Financial retailers are telling clients that Cash already in the account prior to the transaction is hostage until Trade Day PLUS Three days to settle? Lets do the math…. You have apples worth 400 and you have 4000 locked up in Zebras. On Monday you sell your Zebras worth 4K & buy horses worth 4K. 400 + 4000 = 4400 – 4000 leaves you down 800 according to a famous Financial institutions Real Division claiming this is an SEC/FINRA regulation until the 3 day hold is lifted.

The simple normal person math is 400 + 4000= 4400 – 4000= 400 of your accessible cash…

Not so fast.

Seems someone recalls the Days of Yore when financial wizards used paper in the days before lightning activity on Wall Street? When things did take a day + 3 for transaction matters to settle a thing of the past in these days & times of lightning trading & instant gratification brought forth by Technology…. So do the math… Wall Street wins with clients cash in the Institutions limbo & investor loses to antiquated laws being left on the books it seems possible intentionally….

Gets better. IT HAPPENED A THIRD DAY when cash was supposed to be king


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