21 Dec

I cautioned UBER was an OH NO the minute I heard DC was embracing Technologys newest unlicensed unregulated disaster waiting to happen in DC Mayor Vince Grays race to bring VC money & hackers & technos to the CapitolGrays bid to make DC the East Coast version of the LEFT COAST silicon valley. Boobs aside. While the LEFTCOAST may inflate breasts DCs Gray version inflates techno realities. Days after announcing DC chained LIVING SOCIAL to the Capitol for 5 years with a $32.5 million package LIVING SOCIAL upped & announced they were laying off thousands nationwide 400 in DC alone. LIVING SOCIAL had not defined for themselves a sustainable model that outpaced LS clones that are sure to follow when a Techno impresses when unproven to succeed. Yet. 

As with UBER. UBER is an idea that was a rape & is a murder waiting to happen. UBER is an unlicensed unregulated entity competing with Licensed & regulated limos in a District dependent on Tourists Convention dollars from everyday people & global dignitaries.

A week ago the worst happened. A 13 year old girl was raped on surveillance camera a few blocks from Gods home in DC the Washington National Cathedral an affluent neighborhood. Mainstream media WAPO did not report the story. There but for the Grace of Blogs the story would not be circulating the Blogesphere. Popville & Nibletz ran the story the day of the girls rape December 14. The story shifted gears to challenging WAPO insiders way of saying Washington Post when the story should be running up the pant legs of the FTC & the legislators charged with protecting the American people in these areas- Fred Upton ( R) Chairman of the House Energy & Commerce & co-chairs Joe Barton ( R) & Ed Markey.


Same song different day the legislators are dropping the ball on how this works- licenses are applicable on all levels in this case of UBER & others like CAR2GO or ZIPCAR & the expected other online car shares torking the profits from established CAR SHARES THE OLD FASHIONED way [ Hertz Budget etc ] who are Regulated Pay Taxes & even into Obamacare with every click they take OR the Airbnb or Car Slugging you name it. POST THE LICENSES or fine them heavily. OMG! How does one fine someone without a BRICK PRESENCE or using Call Centers in some ungodly place in the world that keeps you on the phone for HELP when trying to renew a payment for Free Storage [ Google ]…40 minutes & counting. Where are the standards Congressmen?

1-     Licensing required

2-     Brick presence required

3-     Phone time waiting limited to _______ minutes required

4-     FINES that are collectable from the brick presence or the VC that invested in a hairbrained idea that didn’t consider 13 year olds in backseats as a reality check of Technological Creative Thought Gone Wild

This isn’t rocket science. Act Fast or hmmmmmmm …. Hold Congress accountable for their focusing on the BIG WIG companies being the hare setting the pace in this greyhound of Faster Better legislation is desperately failing in their catch-up to regulate RULES to save people not Make Money. IF UBER WAS REQUIRED TO BE LICENSED THROUGH THE DC TAXI COMMISSION maybe the 13 year old would not have been raped BUT ohhhh the DC Taxi Commission itself is failing in prepping DC for the Inauguration knowing that unlicensed men are renting cabs from non existent Cab Barn fronts in the runup to the Inauguration so who dropped the ball here or is government on all levels dropping their pants & mooning the people with a shell game of Now You See The Legislation & Licensing Requirement & Now You Don’t. Gentlemen. It is simple. You are either pregnant or you are not. And right now you aren’t pregnant… not doing your jobs.

NOTE: 1 hour 7 counting waiting for the LIVE PERSON promised on the incoming call from 0000466453 to address adding more money for a free GOOGLE WALLET 


LET CONGRESS HEAR FROM YOU. Contact Congressmen Fred Upton, Joe Barton and Ed Markey & Senators Rand Paul, Mark Warner to protect your Identity and Intellectual Property from theft and cyber stalking. Contact Senator Tim Scott to defend your rights as an Entrepreneur

CAPITOL HILL Switchboard (202) 224 3121


SENATE: Senator Mark Warren Senator Rand Paul ENTREPRENEUR ADVOCATE [the amazing] Congressman soon to be Senator TIM SCOTT

And of course contact YOUR OWN Congressman & Senator


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