21 Dec

BAN QUENTIN TARANTINO FILMS & ACTORS: Quentin Tarantino was interviewed the week before Sandy Hook about his Movies his Genre- & Blood more Blood and even more Blood & the more it splatters the more it matters to his box office & audience & Quentin being Q. The interviewer some guy from Canada observed what a difference a week makes- in light of the Glib answers Quentin gave about things like dreaming up bloody shock value stunts that have the likes of Leonardo de Caprio calling. Stunts like a guy being shot at holding a body in front of him as a shield with the expected result that blood shoots high & far & drips low & wide & well… frankly… bloody. Just the ticket for great box office for JANGO & other Tarantino classics.

He described his art of picking actors that are linguists that convey the intent of the character. And something or other was deferred to- something about a movie with an abundance of the “N” word & that word is NOT ‘nice’ nor ‘naughty’ but nasty in the realms of Race & Politics. Somehow, the argument of assault weapons didn’t come up. Nor was there talk about the influence of Quentin’s works on the minds of unstable people. Nor was there discussion of responsibility for possible influence in the Aurora slaughter or V Tech or Columbine years earlier or in the wake of Sandy Hook- no mention was made of Hollywood’s Glory Boy, sorry, GLORIOUS BASTARD boys- Quentin, Brad or earlier stars Travolta & company.

Hollywoods Line Steppers have a love affair with what they call their art. Sort of an awkward silence about 20 babies in coffins….. ya think? BAN Quentin & Travolta & Brad … would love to be a fly on the Brangelina wall when Brad & Angie explain their family profession’s influence in violent film & video & the impact on innocence shot… to their brood all under age 12


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