20 Dec

THE RACE IS ON: Truth gets lost in ‘entertainment media’s gallop  to the winners circle.

 THE VALUE OF A VIEWER:  Battling 4 ratings viewers value is lost- a modern day ‘the the loss of a nail the battle was lost’ ‘the the loss of awards truth was lost’

BIGGER ISNT ALWAYS BETTER JUST OUTSIDE OF NY IN NJ: Some states Cup sizes reflect their states governance. NY Bloombergs tiny package is shadowed by Governor Christies super duper over size 

AOCs SCORE: Wonder what goodies the AOC [architect of the capitol] truck driving slowly on the highway holding up traffic will be bringing back from BWI
PORTO POTTY TOTING: Love the Porto potty toting truck breezing the highway w Cirque du Soleil bands holding the Circque high flyers thrones tight

PEOPLE FORGET:  Lanza was age 20 an adult in the eyes of the law


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