19 Dec

Ed Koch wrote the Newton shooter did not know wrong from right. My professional opinion is that the Newtown shooter did know the difference between Right & Wrong? YES And that wrong begets punishment. He shot himself as sirens approached. He smashed his hard drive. This isnt the act of a crazy person. This is the behaviour of a person intent on revenge even revenge against himself. I will go further to say that a geeky looking 20 year old recluse looking more like 15 than 20 more than likely suffered a rejection by a female…. all this will play out sadly and then happen again and again. It isnt about guns. It is about social skills the internet robbed us of and future generations of. Back in 2000 while at UCLA PD as a CCIA I defined this phenomenon as PSYCHOLOGICAL HOMELESSNESS. I wish I had been wrong. I wish I will be wrong. I wont. And that saddens me that on that tragic prediction I am right


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