18 Dec

Theatre takes place on Broadway. Tuesday December 4th theatre took place off off Broadway in the belly of the beast the Grand Haytt Washington at MetroCenter across the street from the fastest rising megalith in the nations Capitol-Qatar project with shariah compliant funding. Qatars PR agency is Soros backed. Qatars PR agencys former leader now heads Obamas ally against Israel- J Street.

Gene Spelling took stage center right after a forced abbreviated keynote speech from GOPs Rob Portman. Typical GOPr. Polite. Slow to grasp the abuse of social network and the cruelty of Dems toying with GOPrs thinking playing nice will win this game to take over America. Missing the in your face clues ALL the interrupters were choreographed Portman stopped started like a car choking on its own fuel Portman quoted the Interrupters chant. No no no no. And then he left stage left… politically speaking… failing to perform for his party. When will politicos ever learn just because someone extends an invitation- on/off Tv Radio or Events- that you have to accept and go. 

First Act performance day was the picket line H Street side of the hotel staffed with not your typical protesters- men and women in business dress- with of course the derigeur wild haired woman in a work vest and sweater hat running around ragging on the rich and her line undancers. I think I saw a tooth or two missing. I do know ALL the signs were the same.Oh, and one man told me- their conference was being held down the block. Here that GOPrs. Protesters have conferences too. It was a no brainer these people would be in the event 3 levels down inside the hotel. And they were. One after another after another they stood up as the GOPr at the front of the room was barred from speaking. Senator Portman that is R-OH. When were the protesters cleared the room? Only after one after another spoke then the last actor read her script. Something about some lady somewhere. Only then did the event ‘host’ escort the ensemble from the room. Oscar quality? Not quite. But they played their parts well for the event cameras and their own youtuber. Where were the GOPrs castmates? Not protesting. They came to the tables- Part I and Part II. Left as you can go GOPrs. Judd Gregg people that laud Arlen Specter as a hero. The guys that think making nice with Obama is the way to go partyline wise. 

My expectation of FIX THE DEBT was pre-tainted by press notices forthcoming from the former speaker Nancy Pelosis office the week earlier canceling photo op after photo op of her meeting with the FIX THE DEBTrs. Listen Nancy P defers to no one let alone Photo Op people unless Pelosi N was producing the moment for the White House message… my guess 

Speakers included Maya MacGuineas President Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget; Senator Max Baucus; Bloomberg Televisions Capitol Gains Peter Cook; Former Tennessee Governor Philip Bredesen Jr; Honeywell International David Cote; former Senator Pete Domenici now a senior fellow and co chair of the Debt Reduction Task Force Bipartisan Center; former dem congressman Victor Fazio steering committee member Campaign to Fix the Debt; Brookings Institution Dr William Gale; Governor Romneys former legal counselor Cincy Gillespie a binder babe; Honorable Judd Gregg former Senator NH; professional pundit Edmund Haislmaier the Heritage Foundation; The Lindsey Group CEO Dr Lawrence Lindsey; Donald Marron Tax Policy Center; Progressive Policy Institute founder Will Marshall; former Oregon Senator Robert Packwood; Peter G Peterson Foundation COO Michael Peterson; Center for American Progress John Podesta; Alice Rivlin co chair the Debt Reduction Task Force at the Bipartisan Policy Center; National Coalition on Health Care CEO John Rother; World Fuel Services Corp chairman Paul Stebbins and Center For American Progress Neera Tanden. Easy enough to say the show was cast pre-2008. It is a long running show and YES it got picked up. C-SPAN was there. Bri Bri received a Presidential Medal from 44 first term. Show must go on. Question is will the Republican party go on or did it go off the cliff and, Hollywood style, is watching as the rest of the train falls off the tracks after it…

Exit stage left… Metaphorically speaking with the way this administration is going… Half a stage left OR as per the choreographed protest that kicked off the White House Fiscal Cliff cause… 47% stage left or less as Mr Obama continues to spend


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