18 Dec

There is no excusing what calls itself a media today. Truly? It is the herd following the one dumb cow tethered to take them all back to the barn. Learned that in my city slicking youth at the farm. Called her Tilly after my moms middle name. A name she said was for a cow not a girl. Aubrey would tether Tilly our domesticated calf. Begin walking. Boom. Worked like clockwork every time JUST like the cows parked in briefing rooms across the country feeding off what they read not what they saw or researched.


Boehners Bans against Conservatives W Spine began when Joltin Joe said what Americans were thinking at the BP hearing. America does not convict before a fair & equitable trial is given. Except w the administration of O. America is greedy. 20 billion is what the people heard. Not the Constitution. Just #)$(* the rich. Well doesn’t it come back to bite the people being threatened Chicago thuggery style w a fiscal cliff the country wont fall off but slide down towards a chance to start again ONLY IF ONLY leadership was purged of its own thuggery.


Barton was bounced by Boehner to Chairman Emeritus from his elite position as Chairman of the Energy & Commerce committee a slap in the face for any man let alone a good guy.


And it didnt stop there.


Bar mitzvah boy Cantor called in his surrogate to whack Conservatice Colleagues kneecaps by backing opposition in Ohios race.* Cantors WHO ME backing off claim collapsed when Leo Linbeck THE THIRD laughed. Linbecks resentment is readable. THIRDS in familys live in the shadows of FIRST & SECOND. Linbeck tossed Cantor under the media bus ratting Cantor out for having hired Linbeck to back (of all people) Dennis Cuccinich a man outspoken against Cantors tribe. Go figure.


So much for believing Boehners Banning Buddies Began now. Nope. Not. Uh uh. Not everyone buys into crocodile tears Boehner bawls with at a drop of a cue card. Thuggery knows no color. Thuggery knows people who claw their way up forgetting those who got them into position watching their backs. If anything the Boehner Banning teaches Americans around the world to watch out for people considered to be buddies because they might be the first to jam the knife in political backs. Et tu Brute?


* LEO LINBECKS LESSON FOR THE GOP INCUMBENT: Eric Cantor funded Leo Linbeck albeit Cantor said for 1 hit campaign. Linbeck the 3rd backed Dennis Kucinich. Dennis Kucinich has dropped out of Washington Politics. A columnist for the SEATTLE TIMES called Dennis “a carpetbagger.” His nickname overseas has been DENNIS THE MENACE. “State Democratic Party Chairman Dwight Pelz told the Seattle Times that if Kucinich ran there, he would go down in history as “the narcissist who lost two Congressional races in two states the same year.” Kucinich made his decision this week.

He is not running. C’est la vie. C’est la GUERRE. Go TEAM GOP INCUMBENTS. Here is the point 2 take w moving 4ward 2 November. LEO LINBECK being a 3rd is a REAL BIG DEAL 2 Linbeck. He isn’t a 1st. He isn’t a 2nd. His lifetime is spent saying NO… I am his son or I am his grandson HENCE Bullying in Linbecks DNA. Push back. PUSH on what he isnt which now includes the guy who may have millions but didnt pick the winning horse in the race as didn’t Eric Cantor. Spreading money around the field only goes so far. Its that single dollar single shot strategy Linbeck lacks- the ART OF WAR… which Shirley Maclaine KUCINICHS bbf surely saw coming


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