18 Dec

The slow massage of government reality into the day of reckoning is here. DC Greenies pushing urban living away from car centric pedestrian oriented development living has arrived. Rent Bike stations popped up all over DC and the Greater Washington area. Bike lanes were created down major street centers ie Pennsylvania Avenue or on left sides of rush hour heavy streets ie L Street. Reason cited at this time to residents is the changes are needed to accommodate the anticipated hundreds of thousands of new residents projected for the District as evident in the overbuilding currently ongoing on the district and surrounding area stating Pollution Rising energy prices & Environmental concerns.


Paybacks a bitch.


Question is will Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrive at the WH on her bike or will Obamamamiacs be seen walking from the Inauguration to other events Inauguration week. No word on how DC residents will escape the Capitol in the event of an Event. Clearing the District took over 4 hours back in 2001 a decade earlier. The District could not sustain itself during the blackout of Summer 2012. POTUS new cost cutting vehicle debuted on District streets


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