16 Dec

I still cannot answer that question I am asked daily. Why did THE WASHINGTON JEWISH WEEK a Jewish paper with a large orthodox audience endorse Chris Van Hollen Jr. over endorsing challenger Ken Timmerman- even knowing Juniors voting record against Israel and his steadfast refusal to acknowledge a murdered 13 year old constituent Koby Mandell or refusing to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? I don’t know. The movie THE FLAT doesn’t make this age old question any easier to understand. THE FLAT is Arnon Goldfingers discovery in his grandmothers belongings being sorted through after she died ate 98 in Tel Aviv. Arnon and his mom discovered letters between his grandparents and Baron Von Wildenstein a high ranking leader in the SS before AND after WWII. How can this be. It be. People of all faith who turn on their heritage do so from lack of understanding and pride. All it takes is ONE thing to be proud of to turn disdain into delivering words of pride… I AM. I BE. One woman told Goldringer ONLY THE THIRD GENERATION ASKS… the second generation fears bringing up painful memories….


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