16 Dec

The PASTOR PRESS CONFERENCE in the SWAMP as the Press Spot outside the Capitol is called was antagonistic 2 say the least w questions being focused on the PRO TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE MOVEMENT FORWARD advocated by group led @ the podium by BISHOP Jackson & FRC FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL Tony Perkins barbed w questions about SAME SEX MARRIAGE & DOMA. Bishop Jacksons introspection fast of 40 days & call 4 fathers 2B DADS along w other traditional family building initiatives went ignored. I did ask the question if there was coincidence in Pastor Jackson announcing his initiative while standing across the street from the SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES timed 2 the celebration of the Jewish Holy Day of SHAVUOT the celebratory annual commemorating the giving of the Torah 2 Moses on HAR SINAI mount Sinai after sitting atop the mountain 40 days & 40 nights where he received 4 the Israelites the DECALOGUE the ASERET DIBROT the TEN COMMANDMENTS one of which HONOR THY FATHER & THY MOTHER defines the traditional family the PASTORS gathered 2 advocate 4 warning if the traditional family is ruled against so goes America. Compliment being told my POV was unique & 2 B used going 4ward- just following that 1 of THE TEN in this focus on the family

[ http://www.godinthetemplesofgovernment.com ]


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