16 Dec

WNC the WASHINGTON NATIONAL CATHEDRAL presented a CHORAL EVENSONG dedicating the carving of ROSA PARKS in the Cathedrals HUMAN RIGHTS Porch funded by the HUNTER FAMILY FOUNDATION of Lake ForestIllinois. Reverend Dr Francis H Wade officiated. William Bolcom was the organ voluntary. The Choir sang Hymn 637; Preces; Phos Hilaron; the Lords Prayer; Suffrages; the Collects; Steal Away; Psalm 30; First Reading of Isaiah 55:11-56:1; Magnificat; Second Reading Mark 4:21-32; Hymn 599; Orgn Voluntary Praeludium pro Organo Pleno BVW 552/1 by Johann Sebastian Bach; the Apostles Creed & more. The audience was small. The Presidential & Vice Presidential seals on the Pews were covered w papers. Visitors sat on the needle pointed seat coverings. The choir leader dropped his cell phone. Only 90 handouts were printed 4 the anticipated audience gathered @ the back of the Cathedral included family of Rosa Parks & Rosa Parks Institute cofounder Elaine Eason Steele & sculptor Sean Callahan.


The Carving of Rosa Parks was sculpted in clay by North Carolinian sculptor Chas Fagan. Cathedral carver Sean Callahan interpreted the sculpture in2 limestone. Callahan a former apprentice under former Cathedral Master Carver Vincent Palumbo carved many of the Cathedrals Finials Crockets & Angels working even down @ the Lincoln Memorial & at projects @ the White House. Callahans sculpture of ROSA PARKS pairs in the Porch with the Carving of Mother Theresa together as Label Mould Terminations Stones either end of the arches over the portal. Inside the HUMAN RIGHTS PORCH are figures of Archbishop Oscar Romero former 1st Lady Eleanor Roosevelt & Cathedral Dean & Bishop of Washington John T Walker. The HALF BOSS stone embodies Amos call 2 LET JUSTICE ROLL DOWN LIKE WATERS & RIGHTEOUSNESS LIKE A MIGHTY STREAM 5:24


Missing from the gathered were notables constantly espousing the woman nationally recognized as the mother of the modern day civil right movement. No Elijah Cummings. No Rev Al Sharpton. No Nancy Pelosi or Chris Van Hollen or Dianne Watson or Bobby Scott or Jesse Jackson Jr or Sr. No Michelle Obama or POTUS or the girls & their SidwellSchool a few blocks away from the Cathedral. A school from Ohio managed 2 B present.

Reverend Wade spoke about Rosa & her bus ride in2 history: he talked about Edmund Burke: he talked about sweatshops Americans buy their clothes at B4 concluding prayer leading the processional to the Human Rights Porch 4 the dedication hosted by the Cathedral Chapters Fabric & Fine Art Committee.


Gerald Prolman provided the floral arrangements featuring FREEDOM rose honoring Rosa Parks. Then people left wondering in the separation of Church & State where State calls upon Church @ its convenience & when icons lay quiet until politics needs 2 make points where were all the politicos & Mediates who invoke THE ROSA short of the handful present. Rosa born February 4 1913 in TuskegeeAlabama was invoked by politics when she received countless awards including the Congressional Medal of Freedom & the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor continuing her legacy with the Rosa & Raymong Parks Institute For Self Development. Where was the President who sat 4 his photo op in her bus a few weeks back? Where was his message 4 her family? Their message is clear…. White Black joined in Friendship & Faith in honest friendship 4 a woman who 4ever & now will watch over comings & goings @ the Washington National Cathedral   (NOTE: 3 of the original leaflets printed 4 the event are available for $200 for a donation; the 3 secondary leaflets are available for a donation of $100)

 [ www.godinthetemplesofgovernment.com ]


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