16 Dec

I don’t know if it was reading about Hamas recycling photos from a month ago attributing the photos to the recent conflict in the Middle East or my having to listen to Piers Morgan bleeding heart for the POOR PEOPLE OF GAZA that ticked me off. Piers may be many things but his is no Larry King in that I could tolerate Larry knowing his annual outreach to the Cardiac Community.

Watching politician after politician clamber aboard Piers and countless other talk shows for soundbytes that one can only wonder how the heck Congress gets anything done when being asked to dance on the head of a pin as content for the 24 hours newscycle. Moreso when what is being fed is the agenda head of a hydra.

 Americans delayed in hogtieing the Democrats by trying to play nice in answering point/counterpoint. MITTS MISTAKE is a lesson to learn from. DON’T FEED THE BEAST. BE THE BEAST. That should not the case here with the Israeli conflict Mr Obama delayed until after his reappointment now manifesting. Don’t be nice. Dominate. Repeat points over and over again and provide answers that are evidential and locatable to dispute the Myth of the POOR PEOPLE OF GAZA.

1-     SESAME STREET IN GAZA   Rechov Sumsum/Shara’a Simsim


2-     the Palestinian Authority launched VC Fund SADARA backed from Google Inc.’s foundation, Cisco Systems Inc. and some high-profile tech names. Initial investors in Sadara include Cisco (US:CSCO), Google (US:GOOG) via its Google Foundation, the European Investment Bank, economic-development funds run by investor George Soros and by former eBay Inc. President Jeff Skoll; AOL Inc. (US:AOL) founder Steve Case and others, according to a Tuesday statement from Sadara Ventures. And the fund has the political backing of Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. The fund’s managing general partners are Saed Nashef, 42, a founder of Equiom Inc., a software consultancy and project-outsourcing firm with operations in the U.S. and the West Bank, and a former Microsoft Corp. (US:MSFT) software engineer; and Kaufmann, 51, co-founder and a partner in the Israeli investment firm Veritas Venture Partners and chairman of Tmura, the Israeli Public Service Venture Fund. http://articles.marketwatch.com/2011-0406/markets/30806750_1_venture-capital-fund-marketwatch-european-investment-bank

3-     Photos taken by Congressman Chris Van Hollen Jr’s daughter Anna Van Hollen of Women Without Bhurkas in hardhats and jeans in Gaza

4-     Photos taken by Congressman Chris Van Hollen Jr’s daughter Anna Van Hollen of Skyscraping condos etc being built in Gaza

Cue the grieving Bhurka babe and pass the barf bag Piers or else show the truth rather than being part of the Legacy Lie Arafat promulgated


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