16 Dec

Mitt knew what to do. His problem is he listened not to his intuition but to experts who lose and lose and maybe win political arguments within in the Beltway or so they lead you to believe as pundits in the worlds 24 hour news cycle.  Mitt needed  to learn a lesson from ZARA. Everyone knows ZARA the world’s largest fashion retail brand the mid-range Spanish clothing maker is now. ZARA part pf the INDITEX family has more than 59K stores. Its rival H&M has 2500. ZARA has her own mind. ZARA doesn’t partner with top designers. ZARA doesn’t pretend to be more than ZARA wants to be. ZARA doesn’t tweet. ZARA doesn’t do promotional stunts. ZARA doesn’t do ads. Not only doesn’t ZARAs founder doesn’t give interviews the ZARA family demands MODESTY- no one gives names when being interviewed.

ZARA records and responds to customers demands. ZARA does LISTEN TO CUSTOMERS giving them what THEY WANT not what most retailers tell customers they want. Maybe the way to translate ZARA strategy brilliance to make limited quantity lines that sell out quickly. Baby steps things that are doable not just promisable


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