16 Dec

 2012 is a powerful year for a Republican comeback in Maryland District 8. Redistricting has made Maryland’s 8th District, once again, a competitive district with the same voter registration breakdown we had during the 1990s when a Republican won the seat year after year. 

Talk about crossing the aisle, KEN TIMMERMAN, a strong voice for the U.S.-Israel strategic relationship, challenging Democratic incumbent Congressman Chris Van Hollen Junior to represent Maryland District 8, offered to mitigate the DNC Faith & God damage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8BwqzzqcDs   with an offer to send a joint letter reaffirming our support for Israel, for Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and for the continued designation of Hamas as a terrorist organization to  Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to Washington. Ken offered to Chris Van Hollen Junior to “make whatever changes he thought were necessary to this letter…” even “quoted language about Hamas from his own Party’s platform!” Van Hollen Junior, who pretends to support Israel security,  refused to join with Ken in this initiative. Ken posted the the text of the joint letter to his website http://timmermanforcongress.netboots.net/posts/why-does-van-hollen-refuse-to-support-israel 


Van Hollen Junior refused to support the US Embassy relocation to Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act requiring the United States to move its embassy to Israel’s capital in compliance with existing law. Congressman Van Hollen Junior did sign  a letter calling on the United States to put pressure on Israel to make unilateral concessions to the Palestinians, even though Israel’s deputy ambassador pleaded with him not to do so. The letter was sponsored by J Street, the notorious organization backed by George Soros.


Fighting for Freedom comes with a price…. Smile, donation are welcomed. KEN CAN WIN


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