16 Dec

My epiphany hit as I began writing a piece for a Canadian publication. As I wrote these words “in the Haggadah, “B’chol Dor Va Dor, In every generation…” the story of the Exodus from Egypt is to be retold, reminding Jews, never forget the lessons that locked my tribe in slavery….”, it hit me. O-M-G! Slavery. Egypt. Slaves. Africa. African American. America. Reparations? WAAAAAIIIITTTT!!!! 

Peace in the Middle East! Pheh! Keep the peace. I want Pieces of Eight. Shekels compensation for when Jews were slave in Egypt. My tribe is entitled to a piece of the tourism Egypt rakes in for Jewish blood Sweat and TEARS holding those Wonders of the World in place.

Stop the presses. Stop the Princes. Call the Sheiks. Demand oil. Demand reparations at the PeacePalace in the Hague or at the UN. Every Passover for over 5733 years. As we near the end of this SUKKOT (Sue-kott) acknowledging the forty years the Israelites wandered the desert after crossing the Red Sea it is time to refocus and reframe…. REPARATIONS Baby. I see a SPHINX in my future. Even a Pyramid. I want the one President Obama exited claiming the face forward hyroglyph was ancient contrary to thousands of years of face sideward hyroglyphic caricatures etched inside pyramid walls http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23dQndNtyV8&feature=youtube_gdata_player 

Hmmm on the other hand? MAYBE…. I want my share in the casinos across the border from Sederot or a penthouse in the Skyrises Anna Van Hollen Jr. portrays in her photographic essays of Ramallah in the West Bank… can we spell it

R E P A R A T I O N S  Egyptian slavery style


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