16 Dec

At the corner of GODWIN and Valero gas for $3.21 a gallon and a car with the license plates 000BABE parked in a garage lot an hour outside DC in Virginia is the enclave of military best known as OLD TOWN MANASSAS. I arrived there in time to see the beginning and end of the 4th annual Greater Manassas Veterans Day Parade the only active Military Veterans Day Parade in the entire Washington DC Metro area. The parade ended up at the corner of Wolf and Romney, so to speak, headquarters for men who asked for support to return America to greatness.


The 2012 parade included a special appreciation go Americas Cold War Veterans. Scouts and girl scouts marched amidst music and merriment of a parade route lined with salutes to their brethren led by colors. The giant sized shank of the parade leg were Vietnamese and Korean community veterans sharing their devotion in thanks to the country they call home. The Vietnam and Korean heroes understand Patriotism in a way the elections forgot. They are immigrants. Not Latino. They are the immigrants the GOP left out of the conversation leading to election debate on what is an American and who should be. They are Patriots.


The post parade party hosted military with tables set up with giveaways and sign up sheets and contests for kids to earn blue cups with NAVY in white across. Pins and pens and baseballs and footballs. Fake tattoos and flags and history. The vets posted a display of photos. History, a curious one at that in light of the election that has left America reeling.


On the way out of OldTown I stopped in at 7 11. There were stacks of 7 11 VOTE ROMNEY cups with no Obama cups to be seen. The Korean proprietor at the register whispered ‘the Obama cups were gone long ago.’ Maybe that is where Michael Barone and the pundits went wrong in their election projections forgetting to get out from behind their PCs Ipads and Skype and step into real America. Don’t know if voting the 7 11 donut counts during the post mortem blues. To be honest the donuts went straight to the bottom line- it is Veterans Day. Navy Airforce Marines- Americas finest, the men and women of our military. Thank you for being selfless….


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