16 Dec

Veterans Day is acknowledged all over DC. It is acknowledged all over the Greater Washington Area. Two days ago Manassas hosted their ALL MILITARY PARADE. Yesterday Arlingtons Amphitheatre was filled with veterans. The wreath was laid at the TOMB OF THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER much to the disdain of active and retired military. Sequestration hangs over military like the Sword of Democles. Commanders In Chief are elected not born. Yet veterans of tomorrow serve. Veterans of today are suffering. This is not the America they fought for. It is the America too many good women and men died for. Fewer salute their Ultimate Sacrifice. A daughter sat in the Navy Memorials stone circle. She looked at her daughter Kayla. She didnt stand for 45. She stands for her dad. The band played. The Colors marched. God and Government mixed as the Chaplain adressed his gathered. Amen chorused inside the Memorial. The wreath was layed. Hearts broke as the CORPS were reminded 44 called them CORPSE. A guest texted… the AI interpreted VETERANS as BETRAYED. Says it all doesnt it………….. God Bless Our Veterans. Thank you for serving our America. Some people do know who gives America its freedoms


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