16 Dec

My friend Kenneth Timmerman is running in Maryland Distritct 8 against Congress Chri Van Hollen. Ken is a renowned expert on Islam and terrorism. Ken was nominated for a Nobel Prize. Ken is also the journalist terrorists kidnapped before Danny Pearl. Ken escaped with his life. The world witnessed Danny’s slaughter on the World Wide Web. Chris Van Hollen is applauded by CAIR for his work. Chris Van Hollen was raised in Pakistan until he was in high school. Chris’ father a former diplomat to Pakistan is an Arabist. Chris daughter is a Pulitzer intern living in Ramallah that place that used to be home to Yasser Arafat. Ken sat in a bunker in Israel with Bibi Netanyahu as Israel was under attack. Is there any question I am volunteered for helping Ken replace Chris? Of course donations are needed, introductions to potential voters- Dem or GOP- are valued to. Calls. Connections to xpats who can still vote in Maryland- emails- phone calls. For people conflicted as to which party to vote for? Vote Jewish. Vote to save Israel- the life you save may be that of my family   www.timmermanforcongress//


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