TIMELINE: (Washington Post DC- edited for placement purposes) Harvard:

16 Dec

Aggressive HARVARD student working on paper facilitated to do a dissertation that becomes a book about a war hero. FIVE YEARS AND ONE HARVARD PRESIDENT & a FEW MONTHS LATER THE BOOK THAT BEGAN AS A DISSERTATION is released and the GLAMAZON towering over the military man becomes territorial as is predictive in the much released photo of her leaning into the general (note stresses around the shirt/breast and the round of her left shoulder contradicting the right shoulder and cheek angle indicating aggressiveness in female really not wanting to hold back touching [ sorta like a puppy being told ‘down, stay’ but wanting up/close ] with the GLAMAZON staking her territory. GOP leader knew of situation a week and a few days before the election. Said nothing. Election. Day after. General STEPS DOWN. How many and who many told the General bred to respect his COMMANDER IN CHIEF…. Keep filling in the TIME LINE…. STARTING POINT… 2006. Look for intersects…. HARVARD


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