16 Dec

The difference between Judaism and Christianity AND Islam is Sophisticated Evolution as traits practiced still today by orthdox Islamists are practices abandoned long ago by Judaism and Christianity willing to mature over the generations setting barbaric traits aside. Yes in Judaism a man was once able to divorce his wife by repeating THREE times I DIVORCE YOU. Rabbis identified the abuse adapting the divorce to be a written 12 x 12 text a man must deliver in person or by surrogate. Stoning was common place until the practice Islam continues today was abandoned Judaism and Christianity. Worlds that walk a tightrope teetering civility will as the Cat did in the parable taught in Chassidush- the story of Beit Hillel and Beit Shamai gambling on the possibility of teaching a cat to walk like a human and serve dinner to the Rabbis. Training the cat to walk upright in clothing and serve the humans was easily enough done BUT assuring the cat would not revert back to nature was another story easily proven that you can take the cat out of the streets but you cant guarantee you took the street out of the cat. While the cat was serving salad a rabbi slipped a mouse out of a velvet pouch it had been squired in to the room inside of. Well, the cat dropped the serving utensils leapt out of its clothing scampered across the table after the mouse lesson learned for war & diplomacy… paraphrased? You can take the man out of his tribe & customs. No guarantee you took the tribe & customs out of the man or as we are learning with foreign immigration bringing Old World customs such as shariah with them…. my lesson here was in Horseracing in London then Dubai working around Sheikh Maktoum in Western Clothes in Europe & THEN seeing him at the Dubai Festival in his traditional clothing standing atop the mount his staff held high…. emblazoned in my mind forever & so civiliation marches on

[ http://www.godinthetemplesofgovernment.com ]


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