16 Dec

John Milton addressed feminism telling Lord General Cromwell in 1652 peace is female when Milton said “Peace hath her victories no less renowned than war.” The femininity of Peace attracted TEDx franchise to the DC site where hundreds of feminists gathered to hear Eve Kensler of VAGINA MONOLOGUE fame speak. TED – Technology Entertainment and Design – describes itself as a place where people gather to share ideas worth spreading. Eve Ensler went on alleging Israel is unfair to Gaza. The old story. Same record. Different song. In this case the location was the shocker. TEDx franchise 2012 choice to be was the USIP United States Institute For Peace located on Constitution Avenue in NWDC kitty corner to the Vietnam Memorial across from ‘State.’ 

TED x Women is billed as an independently organized TED event. TEDX 2012 Space Between event was curated by the Paley Center For Media a prototype of shared franchise with the mission of spreading micro franchises to attract common thought. The gathering of the vaginas was sponsored by Coca Cola  billed as “empowering 5 million women entrepreneurs by 2020.”

The brochure distributed on sight was called the Athena Doctrine. The Athena Doctrine is about “Women and the men who think like them) will rule the future. The Athena Doctrine credits womens values and feminine thinking with making the world better citing feminine values as ascendant. The Athena Doctrine is named after the Greek woman guardian warrior whose strength came from wisdom and fairness. The USIP an independent, nonpartisan conflict management center was created by Congress to prevent and mitigate international conflict getting opposing parties to come to resolution without resorting to violence & to save lives from being list in conflicts before the conflicts escalate. The bill was signed by President Reagan in 1984 after the idea of a national peace academy was brought to the Senate floor following recommendations by a commission appointed by President Jimmy Carter and chaired by Senator Spark Matsunaga. In 1996 the US Congress recognized the Institute’s contributions to international conflict management. Congress authorized the Navy to transfer jurisdiction of a portion of its Potomac Annex facility on Navy Hill, federal land, as the site of the permanent headquarters of the United States 

That said TEDX women this weekend was less than fair but unfettered as if words don’t matter. They do. Words cut. Words hurt. Once said let alone streamed over the internet words cannot be taken back. Where was Eve Enslers wisdom in attacking Israel at the TED X event let alone in an auspicious world home for dialogue targeting conflict resolution.

 TEDXs PR woman said TED franchisors follow strict rules of guideline established by TedX. Eve Ensler did not. What does one do with a Vagina monologue gone rogue. No one apologized. The rhetoric was anti Israel. When the vagina talks the world listens


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