16 Dec

Seems NY is a tough place to get cups especially a 7-11 Romney voting cup. Fairfax has many many 7-11s. Figures the one I stopped at had none understood since it was located at the corner of Busy and Busier. There was time enough for me to get to where I wasnt to check out another 7-11. “They will have cups” I had been told. They sure did enough for me to count out 8- 7 for a family with a new plus 1. And then a soda for me. I figured I would pay for the extra cups-a dime a quarter.. the cost of the cups had there been sodas in them? The thing about the store manager/entrepreneur is she got it… she had chosen America as a country so she understood the shared importance between Me & R wanting souvenirs of Americas historic election. My soda and snack were more delicious than one could have imagined…. Cheers Regi. Love sharing kids & common politics


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