16 Dec

The Patriot stadium was a misnomer. Mitts Militia came out. The early morning email said the Fairfax rally was shifted to a larger venue- Patriots Stadium. And that wasn’t large enough. 2:00 came. The crowds were snaked down the street around the corner. That was one line to one entrance. A second line snaked around the back to a second entrance. And the crowds kept coming. Strangers became friends in seconds. There was no joking about VOTE AND VOTE OFTEN. That is a tasteless Dem joke. This was a crowd of conservatives short of maybe the owners of the OBAMA/BIDEN bumper stickered car in the Flow Over Lot which felt like it was a bunch of states over.


The rally started with a prayer. The crowds outside the stadium knew they were going to be witness outside the walls. The crowds inside the stadium were chanting ONE MORE DAY ONE MORE DAY ONE MORE DAY. The pastor was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. The crowds on the street paused. Someone yelled theres a flag pointing to the flag on the building across the street. They turned. Hands over heart they pledged to America. The pastor was followed by the Governor and Colonel Perkins. The crowds inside the walls chanted more ONE MORE DAY ONE MORE DAY ONE MORE DAY.


Cycle cops blue lights flashing came around the bend. The crowds street side cheered. They knew they had a moment the crowds inside the walls did not…. More cycle cops. Secret service vans. Media vans ahead of the 3 EYER buses. The crowds roared. It was the mobile Mitt and Ann show. Patriot stadium then two more rallies before it would be a night before the day. THE ROMNEY FAMILY DAY. Mitt spoke. Ann spoke. Or was it Ann then  Mitt. The crowds outside the stadium either found sitting on the rail guard across the street. Others flooded to the balcony outside the stadium. The staffer collecting the printed tickets from attendees other staffers then scanned said he heard Mitt and Ann were going to come out to address those who did not make it inside. That was enough for those outside to press up to the balcony… in case.


In case did happen. Advance set up Swag Signs and V I C TO R Y banners. The news photogs ran out. NY Times photog clambered atop the garbage can. The Washington Post photographer got famously into the crowd with her lens. It was a wry moment. I missed the work they were doing. I did it. I must admit. There is a different experience being part of the crowd and the energy of belief and hoping there will be change from the past four years of disappointment I heard from voter after voter in the past few weeks. Earlier in the day a diehard Long Island Dem called Obama an idiot. They had the right sitting in the wealthy enclave O abandoned for his photo op in Jersey. No gas. No generator. The only sure thing coming was a drop in the temperature and a snow storm. The teeny mom and son who stood outside the whole time waiting for Mitt and Ann were slow to leave. She was in her late 80’s. There had been no place to sit. She didn’t care. She was there to hear her president she would not outlive. She was older than the FOR GOD AND COUNTRY generation. She was almost but not quite Turn Of The Century definitely not as old as sin this teeny lady in white.

The Amish women flocked as they left the balcony overhang the Romney just stood on. A day earlier an Ohioan had stated they don’t vote. Voting is against their religion. Amazing what a difference a day makes. The Northern Irish campus cop felt ‘relegated’ by the K9’s and Secret Service that accompany Presidential hopefuls. What a day. What an experience. What a lifetime. Watching history happen


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