16 Dec

Never underestimate the POWER OF ONE to make a change and make the difference. 

When I learned my colleague Ken Timmerman had won the Republican primary in Maryland District 8 [] I emailed ‘tell me what you need me to do.’ I hadn’t even looked in to who the incumbent Ken was challenging is. I learned soon enough. And I learned ONE person can make a difference. I did. Now the world knows a fact Chris Van Hollen did not share with in published materials with his colleagues both sides of the aisle- Chris is a Junior.

Life is this simple- the re’bbaim/ the rabbis teach life lessons in the Hebrew Alef Bet/alphabet. The three Hebrew letters of the word TRUTH each stand on two feet. The three Hebrew letters of the word LIE each stand, unstably, on a point. The re’bbaim/ the rabbis teach that the letters of the word TRUTH, pushed, are very hard to topple over while the letters of the word LIE can be toppled with the touch of a finger, the lesson being TRUTH stands firm while LIEs fall in time, as here. 

Something mothers tell their children “you will get found out in time”, it only took time, the internet and Spybots harvesting data exponentially for the revelation to be caught and explode– all by a colleague supporting her colleague with whom she shares Al Fatah. Ken Timmerman was kidnapped by Al Fatah: my brother was murdered by them. So IF & WHEN someone says there isn’t a GOD? There is…. And a sister who proved something the Party powerful didn’t know for 9 years…. JUNIOR is now born….again…… even within his own party…. 

Chris Van Hollen, Jr. – HarfordCounty Democrats Representative, DC , District #8. Contact Information Chris Van Hollen, Jr. 1707 Longworth House Office Building Washington, DC20515 (202) 225-5341


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