16 Dec

THE PLANNED BATTLE BY BOOBIES THAT ACTUALLY HAS A TRAPDOOR THE LEFT OVERLOOKED: MEN GOT TATAS TOO – Karen Hendel is a star on the rise. Well spoke she took the helm of the FRC luncheon keynote addressing her arrival then quick departure from SUSAN G KOMEN FOR THE CURE. Days after arriving at The Cure PLANNED PARENTHOODS decade long stealth attack on a Womens Right To Choose exploded. Hendels policy hands were tied. SUSAN G is a private foundation with a public cause- breast cancer- but low esteem on battling known enemies. Duck & dodge goes on only so long bursting the 2012 election cycle. Barack wanted The Undecided voters fence sitting between Four More Years & low esteem when it comes to the Politics of Health. Fluck had already told people she is old fashioned in that if a man doesn’t bring a condom to their private party she was going to get SOMEONE to pay for it. You. Me. Us as in U.S. Middle of the roaders bought it all were buying it again… the Myth of Mammograms PLANNED PARENTHOOD had a hand in [ pardon the pun ]. Stats prove hand mamm-ing isn’t as effective as the science way is- putting the boob in between cold metal bearing it as the Shooter ( xray ) that is books it from the room.


Boobs at this party was leadership and more of the GOP same- belief that if the GOP is playing fair the other team is too. NOT.


Hendel said SUSAN G believed with all the back & forth correspondences between SUSAN G and PLANNED PARENTHOOD both sides were in agreements being respected. At what point does the Fox Family realize the Scorpions kids are just like their dad and mom before them? Hendel said the full on assault PLANNED PARENTHOOD launched against SUSAN G was true betrayal an even deeper insult since Ambassador Brinker founder of SUSAN G had at one time sat on the Board of Planned Parenthood…. Lesson One not learned… hold friends close but enemies closer but don’t climb into their Jacuzzi naked thinking the photo or Jacuzzi wont leak- they will- in time- when the opposition is going for the Jugular- yours.


Hendel made it clear PLANNED PARENTHOOD was current administrations ploy to project the White House is for Women. PLANNED PARENTHOOD doesn’t do mammograms. They make $1.5 million a day referring women out for mammograms with no follow through the women went.

women for WH politics. Hendel asked IF the real passion was women with all the local and Federal dough PLANNED PARENTHOOD gets would they not refer women because it is the right thing to do?… Lesson Two- if you have to ask the question you know the answer.


SUSAN G gives $100 mil a year in grants. PLANNED PARENTHOOD gave over $15 million to Obamas campaign in the process stealing BRINKERs PINK for PLANNED PARENTHOODs campaign…. Lesson Three- mirror the opposition.  Hendel said PLANNED PARENTHOOD did their job to keep door open long enough for Obama until economy tipped for Obama to walk back in to office. Hendel said PLANNED PARENTHOODs objectives are political stated by Richards when she came on board to militarize womens lives stating I aim to make PP the most kick ass political organization. Richards was a political surrogate for Obama on campaign trail. Spoke at Dnc.

Who is the real enemy here? Possibly SUSAN G. SUSAN G hired Hillary Rosen democrat pundit for their PR when this issue blew up in their face…. Lesson Four- crocodiles are always figuring out how to get you in to their bellies now a 16 trillion dollar budget out of which 365 days a year $1.5 million goes to PLANNED PARENTHOOD. Wasn’t hard. GOP leadership quick to show up at Capitol Hill events and grip & Greets kept quiet. Seems flowers were sent AFTER the fact. Hmmm aren’t flowers sent to funeral after the Loved One is gone not going. Hendel hit her brakes. Hendel wanted SUSAN G to weather the storm. They didn’t. Hendel makes it clear PLANNED PARENTHOOD got something wrong. They figured she would go away. Hendel left. BUT the last thing the did was leave the fight. Her book PLANNED BULLYING is probably an educational step forward for CONSERVATIVES who lost faith in Congress. HENDEL FOR CONGRESS is the championing call for 2014.

You see the real enemy is breast cancer. It hits both men and women as SUSAN G knows with many men showing up in DC for the annual SUSAN G events. And THAT was the question I asked during the Q&A- if PLANNED PARENTHOOD is only offering mammograms to women then who is being sexist….. grin… in the battle of Faux Benevolence by Boobies over politically incorrect TATAS


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