16 Dec

I toss my hands up at stories being jumped on at every intersect. Any journalist worth their weight in gold knows it is the timelines that are telling and that timelines are written over…. Time. America gets stories in bits and pieces as each new point emerges. Problem with new points being dribbled out is the public is predictable to remember the FIRST thing they are told rather than all of the list (women – help me here- isn’t this why HONEY DO lists are written not verbal.)

More information will emerge forming the story. Papers do tell Dead Man’s Tales as the world learned from Ambassador Chris Stephen’s murder. Papers are beginning to talk. Make notes- Post It notes stuck on a wall. Allen allegedly released thousands of documents to a Kelly the alleged focus of Broadwell’s alleged scorn. Broadwell was having an alleged affair with General Petraeus. Alleged? Yes. Were you in the room? I wasn’t. And just because someone says something doesn’t mean it can or cant be questioned as to actually happening OR being a Get Out of Jail Free pass. Precedence is on political record. No one will ever forget the story of Obamas presidential shill, a blue stained dress and Clintons new things to do with cigars. One more time- presidential shill prominent on the world political stage WITHOUT resigning for lying to Congress and to the American people for stating under Oath I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN.

Why resign? Maybe Petraeus never wanted to be there at all. Better question to ask is why Petraeus took the job in the first place in this administration, the act for which many think Petraeus should have resigned over back in 2010. Maybe Petraeus was strong armed into the job at the get go. 

History is being swept under the Agenda Carpet. Remember back to Petraeus heading the CIA. McCrystal was fired for speaking up. Military serving speaking up were being told to step down. Brave men who took the public humiliation on the chin as a sign of pride for their bravery. Yes bravery. Don’t forget General Petraeus is politically savvy as one man put it. 

Step back to the infamous hearing on Capitol Hill. Code Pink and were raging on the streets of DC and in Congress. They have since subsided haven’t they- Americas version of the Arab Spring DC style. There was a moment that went forgot. The Dog & Pony show then Examiner columnist Pat Gavin asked me to stop by before I headed to the hearing. Pony? I was out to the location like a bat out of hell. Say HORSE I was there. But there was no horse. There was a real dog, two girls each in half of a horse costume that couldn’t quite get in lock step together. And there was a man with a pin who didn’t fit. I knew the pin. I didn’t know the man. It was a Spouse’s Pin worn by husband’s or wives of people serving Congress. The man? Robert Creamer spouse of Jan Schakowsky (ILLINOIS). Robert Creamer is infamous.  Sentenced for check kiting

 And Creamer linked to George Soros. Picture is getting clearer isn’t it. Illinois. Soros. 

That was then. This is the question now. Did General Petraeus step into the role of the CIA head because he wanted to or because maybe a political arm was twisted? With the invasiveness of Google in to all of our lives were EYES watching wayback then? Documents will continue to tell the story. The babe alleged to have bedded Americas political star went to Harvard. Hmmmm. Nah. 

Bhengazi was the wild card or was it. Something about working with Animals & terrorists. Not only are they tough acts to follow they are tough acts to control even when watching a man murdered in real time as a Wii/Gameboy raised president and administration watched from drone cameras without interfering. Maybe Chris had a story he was about to tell too that people who could be hurt didn’t want told. Maybe General Petraeus use as a military front for the current administration was done with so he was about to be tossed to the wolves. Petraeus beat O to Petraeus being tossed under the bus. There is honor in taking bullets even when bullets are meant to draw attention to a war soldiers are puzzling about publicly.

Let the story write itself. Emails between Petraeus and Broadfellow weren’t exactly sent. They were ponded in a DRAFT box in private accounts. Maybe the General is secretly penning a military version of 50 Shades of Military Green? 

Life happens if you believe in a God. Stand with General Petraeus. In the least? He stood down when Billy Willy Clinton did not.


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