16 Dec
  1. When it comes down 2 the reality people will B buying even ONE FaceBook share JUST 2 own the CERTIFICATE that is time 2 step away from the Day Trading that will shoot this stock through the roof knowing what goes up must come down. Question is when & how far. The Garden Wall built around FB is intimidating in that people are freely giving away per…sonal information @ the same time screaming about Government Invasion of their Privacy. Difference is everyone knows who the Government is & where 2 find them in Person By Phone or Virtually AND no one knows where 2 Find Phone even EMAIL the people @ FACEBOOK or who they really all are beyond THE ZUCK. Zuckerberg got one thing right. People are lonely & want 2 connect anonymously. The world has seen Zuckerbergs come & go- Soros is one of many that come 2 mind the only 1 cogent enough 2 mention @ any time any more- a breed that doesnt get mad. They get even. Or worse…. They have in their hands the one tool non of their users do. The ability 2 go dark a single pull of the plug a new dark ages of sorts. Probably a thought 2 keep a dial up phone nearby even a Solar operated radio even a note pad & pencil just in case. & think about the Pet Rock Beanie Babies & Cabbage Patch kids. Where are they now…. Spoken by someone who admits 2 sitting on a line & waiting – a happening- that came & went but didnt take personal data w it

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