16 Dec

A long while back a young man and I spent about 4 hours chatting enroute to New York. He let me know he was a dancer heading from North Carolina to head a dance company. And he decided to tell me he was gay. Four hours can be along time without good company. That he was- good company and bright. I asked him a question I have asked before. Is it really marriage you want? He thought. No he said. What is it then? And he thought and thought and one day months later he sent me his answer. I want the PLEDGE he said. The PLEDGE? Yes. The forever after that lasts until the day you die and that he said is not made by a piece of paper signed between two people. He did not want divorce. He was smart enough to know marriages don’t last even between two gays fighting for the right to marry. Rosie. Melissa Ethridge. Along with countless other celebs who fought for the right to marry learned marriage comes with the right to divorce. Now, PLEDGE. That will last forever. Maybe PLEDGE is the word this bright sensitive young dancer might gift the heterosexual world- the embodiment of the word marrying couples are losing integrity of in increasingly higher rates….


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