16 Dec

The world balked the IOC bowed to anti-Israel pressure refusing to honor the 11 Israel Olympic team members murdered in Munich in 1972 successfully ignoring the real truth TEN Israelis were murdered AND one American citizen a fact further ignored by President Obama and FLOTUS Michelle Obama in attendance at the Games. American gymnast ALY RAISMAN chose the worlds most covered song HAVA NAGILAH as her melody choice for her floor routine winning Olympic gold IRONICALLY including a DOUBLE ARABIAN to her floor run as her moment of tribute to 11 jews slaughtered and dehumanized by their captors time and investigation were aided into the Olympic complex.

Raisman, 18 years old filled with CHAI/LIFE numerical value/gematria EIGHTEEN said HAVA NAGILA means a lot to her stating had a MOMENT OF SILENCE been held at the London Olympics the would have participated. Raisman has never been to Israel. That is changed. Diaspora Affairs Minister Yuli Edelstein facilitated by US Ambassador to Israel DAN SHAPIRO invited the living Jewish STAR Raisman and her family to Israel in a twitter “I am so proud of the American gymnast Aly Raisman…She won the floor exercise and immediately dedicated her medal to the Israelis murdered in Munich. What an impressive decision.” ]


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