16 Dec

“Rebellion against Tyrants is obedience to God” was proposed, as the US seal, by John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin reflecting the legacy of the Maccabees a band of rebels who rose up against an oppressing super-power demonstrating the victory of the few over the many. Moses’ battle cry: “Whoever trusts G-D; join me!” Moses’ battle cry against the builders of the Golden Calf was similar to the Maccabees battle cry similar to “In God We Trust” written on Americas coinage. Moses finished building the Holy Ark on the 25th day of Kislev the same date of laying the foundation of the SecondTemple by Nehemiah. All this was forgot the lighting of the menorah this 6th night of Channukah at the White House.


Channukah is the only Jewish holiday which commemorates a Land of

Israel national liberation struggle. Chanukah celebrates the liberation of

JerUSAlem.  The 90 year old hand crafted 7 branched  7 foot tall brass Menorah at the White House Hannukah lighting is a rescue from Hurricane Sandy affected Temple Israel in Long Beach Long Island. TempleIsrael known as the Bayit, the house was dedicated August 31, 1924 as the first  synagogue in Long Beach, New York. The Chanukah Menorah has eight branches, reflecting the additional level of divine capabilities. The more things change the more they stay the same.


Then, in the days of BCE, the Land of Israel was militarily contested by Syria and Egypt.  Israel was conquered by the Syrian Antiochus III in 198 BCE. Antiochus III considered the Jewish State an ally. A new king assumed power in Syria in 175 BCE. Antiochus (IV) Epiphanies assuming that Jews were allies of Egypt wanted to replace Judaism with Hellenic values. In 169BC, upon his return to Syria from a war against Egypt, he devastated Jerusalem, massacred the Jews, forbade the practice of Judaism (including the Sabbath, circumcision, etc.) and desecrated Jerusalem and the Temple.  The Hasmonean (Maccabee) family launched rebellion against the Syrian (Seleucid) kingdom in 167 BCE featured a priest from the town of Modi’in, Mattityahu, and his five sons, Yochanan, Judah, Shimon, Yonatan and Elazar. The reputation of Jews was as superb warriors. The Maccabees, were superb warriors hired as mercenaries by Egypt, Syria, Rome and other global and regional powers.


The Menorah is not kosher for Hannukah candle lightings. Menorahs for holiday lighting have 8 candle holders and 1 servant candle holder, Shamash. 2 more branches were added to make this menorah ‘work.’ And damaged. Obama said “Tonight it shines as a symbol of perseverance and as a reminder of those who are still recovering from Sandy’s destruction, a reminder of resilience and hope, and the fact that we will be there for them as they recover” to carry America forward with light as residents in the Hurricane struck area continue to suffer some without lights some without homes some without loved ones. Chanukah is celebrated in Kislev the month of miracles.


Politicos reporter Jennifer Epstein reported 60 year old West Point Jewish Chapel Cadet Choir an arm of the U.S. Military Academy’s Jewish Chapel is known as Kol Masoret the Voice of Tradition was accompanied the US Marine Chamber  Orchestra. Epstein failed to note the statue of the head of Judah the Maccabee is displayed at the West Point Military Academy, along with “the Nine Worthies.”statues of Joshua, David, Alexander the Great, Hector, Julius Caesar, King Arthur, Charlemagne and Godfrey of Bouillon.

”The President’s Own” were established by an Act of Congress in

1798 primary mission is to provide music for the President of the United States and the Commandant of the Marine Corps.


Massachusetts National Guard chaplain Rabbi Laurence Bazer and President Obama talked while the 600 guests sang Mao Tzur the traditional song after Bazer led the candle lighting ceremony saying this is the SIXTH YEAR Hannukah was celebrated in the WHITE HOUSE. Hannukah was celebrated as far back as  2005 under the Bush Administration holiday celebration. Justices Kagan &  Michael Oren Cabinet members and members of Congress. The food preparation was under the Cooperation of the Rabbinical Council of Greater Washington in the month of Kislev… the month of miracles

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