16 Dec

He flipped. The veteran flipped. For God and Country.

 There was no argument after he ran his gauntlet of TV Talking Points For Political Toddlers… 47%? Proven right. Women’s rights? My ovaries never held me back from succeeding. Choices I made did. And if I learned anything it was what I passed down to my sons, that at age 18 the law considers you an adult. So do I. So should you. As for the Dem poster girl on contraception (yes Planned Parenthood was brought up next): Sandra Fluck, you mean. The Georgetown Girl who faked a press conference, did not disclose her activism pre-GU or that she was offered a $160K job out of school BUT told the world she could not afford condoms with her GU tuition hovering at 60K. Maybe, si,r the discussion aught to be the guys she dates and who pays for dinner AND was dessert on or off the menu. Maybe a guy that will step up and be responsible should be more on the order of what she thinks she is worth (or he is worth). The public has figured her out. Ten showed at a recent engagement as an Obama surrogate.

I kept color out of the conversation. He didn’t. He was blunt. Color had no place. I had to remind him the president isn’t black or white he is mulatto, more important, he has no color in our melting pot country, the president declares himself American. The ravaged veteran shared he saw things he cant discuss. When all is done, Jesus is who he faces. I suggested the mirror. Who do you see? Whose values of your two choices do you see alongside yours and you in the mirror? Do you see as your commander in chief a man who watched Chris from thousands of miles away dragged through the mud I am told alive. IF that is the commander in chief your generation of the Greatest Americans fought for, then your choice to vote for November 6 is clear. BUT if you a veteran of the battle FOR GOD IN COUNTRY cannot accept you fought to be lied to- as the papers in the trail are indicating is occurring- then… your vote is yours- not to vote for yourself- a wasted vote- but a vote to remove a Commander in Chief who sullies what you and your generation fought for. Silence. He declared his candidate…. And it wasn’t 44 

GET OUT & VOLUNTEER!!!! Every vote counts


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