16 Dec

Education for children of Latino parents was made an issue of the election of 2012. Education was talked about for month after month after month. Latinos were bussed from DC and paid to protest at a MontgomeryCounty rally for the Dream Act. The sense was Americas immigrants are only Latino- not Swiss not French not Canadian or other. Be illegal. Pay taxes. End of story? Not at all. Students contracted to loans are stuck with debt Dream Act hoped to escape.

There is a rest of the story. The rest of the story is struggling colleges are liable to collapse with education gone on line in the world of the Internet. Brian Caffo taught never more than 70 students at JohnHopkinsUniversity. Now Brian has well over 15K- in Poland in California in Lebanon in Beirutand even so far away in Baltimore. Caffos students signed on becoming some of the 1.7 million online COURSERA students. And they pay nothing for classes politicians argued ad naseaum needed funding for. Why would someone  make people take classes on site at a college the student can get online for free in a culture of increasing online models advertised on TV. 33 prominent universities are participating- University of California at Berkley, Virginia, Harvard, University of Georgia Tech, University of Texas, Duke University, University of London, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, University of British Columbia, University of Washington, University of Philadelphia,  University of Maryland, MIT and soon to be maybe Cornell.  Tuition increasing. Professors roles changing. What is a student. Is there a value of a degree. Are universities redundant? And were legislators pulling the wool over voters eyes? 

COURSERA isn’t alone in online educational institutions available to MOOCs. MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses. There is edX Udacity Straigherline and vet student there is a downside until educators can figure out how to prevent cheating and vet students identities. MOOCs aren’t money makers yet or maybe ever. COURSERA is introducing ‘students’ to employers. Partner schools are joining up to give credit to CLICK students studying everything from modern poetry to AI for students judged by peer review online or in public meetups. So was the DREAM ACT a dream or just an apparition in a smoke screen  hiding the truth from the masses…

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