16 Dec

As a journo I went many places being given respect @ few other than SEND ME A COPY PLEASE… ummm NO. But I was a fly on the wall in most places @ moments meeting people that AS in this case here w Mrs Robert Kennedy I met her & photographed her & her kids on the GW bleachers. Sheryl Crow Larry David & then wife Laurie will on their DO AS I SAY BUT NOT AS I DO SAVE THE PLANET TOUR. Their mega entourage trucks were blocking streets hooked in2 Mega Generators for what was all of a few hour show CAPPED OFF W free lightbulbs being given 2 students 2 swag them in2 ditching incandescent bulbs 4 the MANDATE BULBS Congressmen led by Rep Joe Barton have been fighting. I read. No brainer. My call was 2 vet the bulbs – the bulbs contain mercury that if dropped became BIO HAZARDS. So much for Mary- a sweet woman who loved. Sometimes love can be a BIO HAZARD w/out government warning. Wishing her peace


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