16 Dec

I watched Mrs Edwards at too many press events. She would be staring up at John from front row in the audience transfixed on him never breaking gaze. The world pitied her. Towards her end Elizabeth admitted she knew. THEY wanted the presidency so THEY didnt tell America the truth AMERICA deserved to be told. I was the photographer who took the first photo of her without her wedding ring on. She was speaking at GW. She saw me noticing. Elizabeth let her ring finger sans ring be photographed. One cant speculate the relationship between the Petraeus. There were many deployments. Holly let word slip there were too many. Take the microscope off this couple. Refocus the lens on the mlitary. Too many deployments. The collateral damage are marriages. The tragedies are their children raised with absentee dads and moms.Who is to blame. No one. Everyone involved are adults. They made adult decisions. Some say it is for their kids. Some say it is for their money. Some say it is because they keep trying and getting it wrong so who is to know if THIS time might be their getting it right time. Maybe the decision for a very public man afraid to sully his image should have been to STEP DOWN from the marriage early. My heart breaks for Holly a stunner when she and David first loved. Their daughter is the stunner her mom was. My hope is Holly finds the stunner she once was. IT is all out in the open now. Both Petraeus are complicit. Preserving their image came with a high price. Life is lived once without do overs. Too many nights without her husbands warmth made her a loyal wife forget military. Too many nights without the girl he married to share intimicaies with.The discussions they may have avoided are now sadly public fodder. In every black cloud there is a silver lining. This black cloud is lesson for people presuming power is IT. No. Life is brief. Life is precious. Broadwell’s legacy may just be this wake up call. It is better to die a short life well loved than to live a long death without love and call it life


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