16 Dec

The FIVE TOWNS is as affluent as they come. Hurricanes dont discriminate between the halves and the have nots. Sandy was the great equalizer until O came to town. He went to Staten Island. He went to New Jersey. He didnt go to the Five Towns of Long Island where backers from his first Presidential campaign live some within minutes of the the Beach. Except when Sandy hit, the beach Five Towners had to drive across a bridge to get to, washed up to their doors and washed away Hope. This may be the  Change. Amongst the Five Towns residents liberal and including Trial Lawyers who supported O first time round. 

The liberal and Jewish Obama supporters did what smart wealthy people do. They gassed up both cars. They bought food. Didnt stop the waters from flowing into their homes, knocking out their lights and the lights of retailers all around. There are no lights. They are running out of food. The are rationing cell phone use having to run to their cars to charge their cell phones as long as they have gas that is to run their cars. The one store a drive away that is operating on a generator they go to but not often. Gas stations are without gas or electric. They are rationing gas something this opulent town famed for tearing smaller houses down to foundations then rebuilding McMansions benefitting from tax breaks does not know from. 

Hurricane Sandy kept her word. She hit everyone of all colors and all religions hard. Sandy isnt racist. She is an equal opportunity Hurricane. O? Tempest in a political teapot abandoning his wealthy Long Island voters taking them for granted too, their votes will be with them November 6 in the booth or paper ballot or Email or Fax a breeding ground for Voter Fraud on a scale we will not imagine until long after the counts are in Election night.

OBAMA DID NOT VISIT THESE VOTERS to see the National Guard and police in this wealthy enclaves streets. Obama took the Five Towns for granted just like Obama took the Latino vote for granted. Despite the public face of the Eva Longorias shilling for 44, Latinos have wisened up Obama forgot about the spanish community until the end of Term One. Longoria nor Obama are lining up with these family outside of Home Depot stores desperate for work or praying as they drive without licenses or insurance they dont get pulled over or hit. Amazingly Jews havent, wised up that is.

Jews? well some of my tribe never learn- epic practitioners of insanity defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results…. death is a final result. Starvation and cold? Harsher reminders than Robocalls on Election Day. Somehow I think the Obama cavalry will RUSH to the rescue at the last hour and amazingly memories will be convenient shortened by gratitude to a man whose handler is remembered well for espousing NEVER LET AN OPPORTUNITY GO TO WASTE (paraphrased, I know. I am the eternal Pollyana…) Lesson here is money cant buy you love. When it comes in the form of the Stockholm Syndrome Hurricane Sandy Days Before The Election style- it might just buy votes


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