16 Dec

David Brog, Executive director of CUFI, Christians United For Israel, opened his heart to media gathered for a briefing by hand chosen CUFI representatives wanting to share their joy of supporting Israel as the middle aged nation stands against challenges- military, religious and regular old fashioned growing pains democracies go through albeit Israel’s growing pains are coming at her exponentially faster in a world fraught with technology and unfettered Freedom of Speech.

CUFI was birthed about five years ago by Pastor John Hagee, founder and Senior Pastor of CornerstoneChurch. Pastor Hagee and, his bride of a few years, Diana Hagee, were inspired to bring support to Israel too often charged with being the Jewish country rather than being what it is, a country of Jews endowed with birthright to the land, not only of milk and honey but the capitol to three faiths- Judaism, Christianity and Islam. One faith seeks to deny the others- Islam. Pastor Hagee, through his Christian flock and outreach, are committed to working to keep Judaism’s eternity alive. The Israeli Embassy in WashingtonDC hosts weekly Christian prayer meetings for Israel’s salvation. Brog posed the million dollar question- where are the Jews- sharing that many CUFI supporters give of money they don’t have toward Israel’s light being eternal. I cant even answer Brog’s question I share in wonderment. Where are the Jews? 

Brog shared the CUFI seven year history has evolved from suspicion of Jews to Christian outreach, honestly expressing not understanding suspicion felt towards his ranks, offering that in the past few years resentment has lessened as Jewish leaders are learning- the Jews just aren’t there in the masses rabbinic led communities should be springing forth. Lack of education into heritage and tradition is a shameful admission to be made but fact is just that, the more Jews have assimilated into Western culture, the less important are tales of Jewish forefathers and foremothers when it comes to rasping off modern day Jews- Adam Sandlers of the comedic world with a dog named Matzahball and foul mouthed Sarah Silverman are more apt to be recited as leading Jews than Moses, Isaac, Rachel and Leah. Sad, isn’t it moreso when one walks into a CUFI church witness to a mass of congregants basking in the Holy wearing prayer shawls, blowing ram’s horns in joyous mass AND actually delighting in sharing the significance of these traditions Jews died for whispering the SHEMAH, the HEAR O ISRAEL on their lips.

I began to bridge the evangelical and Christian divide after the murder of my brother Jewish Press columnist Yechezkel Chezi Scotty Goldberg, a commuter on Israel bus Egged Bus 19. My suspicions of Christian motive walled me. Time, healing and eyes wide open, the walls have begun to tumble, shamedly, coloring my perception of Jews I thought stood for Israel. One woman, a seven year acquaintance in the Capitol, took time to write me why she would not support a colleague of mine, a Christian fighting to replace a closeted anti-semite whose allegiances I outed in a Facebook posting I posted, stating the incumbent’s refusal to stand for the memory of a viciously slaughtered 13 year old former constituent Koby Mandell, Tekoah, Israel 2000. A Jew, she wrote me she cannot support my colleague, a conservative she wrote stands for everything she does not- with no empathy to the murdered child’s honor nor memory. Another woman who formed a Democrat 2 state solution Non Profit around the time of Egged Bus 19 standing for Israel in the Hague, 2004, flown there because of my brother’s prominence victim on that bus- she wrote me she has withdrawn from politics giving time to one race- neither of whom has a daughter filing stories from Ramallah. Another woman’s monthly on the Hill was half filled with CUFI ON CAMPUS students in attendance because they were in town for the CUFI conference. No, she wouldn’t take a stand fearing risking her 501(c )(3) status. And the Chaddish rabbi who would not stand against the incumbent stating his best friend works for the incumbent congressman and ‘gets things done’ for the rabbi And so it goes… as Jews? The lesson has not been learned. If we don’t speak up then when we are gone who will speak up for us.

The lesson I want taken away from CUFIs stand with Israel is their hands are not the ones to run from, without their energy of revolution in faith? If Israel had to rely on Jews who don’t know their own faith well enough before running off to support the myth of Palestine and Palestinians, willing to sabotage my homeland with unvetted, fabled damning twitters, blogs and Youtube moments, … Israel would not be. Jews may be turning the other cheek, Pastor Hagee’s alliance with Jews is allowing our culture stand tall amidst technological torpedoes targeting Israel’s damnation. Answering David Brog’s question where are the Jews and why? The Holocaust has not taught the lesson well enough of who to trust and who not as learned too late by European Jews convincing themselves all the way in to the showers, that the bad was not too bad and good was going to come. For some, good came too late…. if Jews allow history to repeat itself, good will not come at all, David. ]

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