16 Dec

“macfee has over 75 million malicious malaware captured”  “the cloud is not secure” “going mobile in an unsecure world 2011 some of the known hacked are Google Sony Visa  Adida Mitsubishi. What is scary is all the hackings that are NOT known” “If people are involved we are sure to almost 1 there are vulnerabilities and it is not secure” “ anything done at cyber is at 100% visibility” “key thing in information sharing that gets misunderstood is that we are not talking about taking personal emails and giving them to the government” “the theft of intellectual property is astounding & we have to put a stop to that” – GENERAL KEITH ALEXANDER   DOD  NSA  @ AEI July 9 the day the Malicious malaware the government has known about for years was alerted to explode. The FBI requested citizens to CLICK a link that would alert RED or GREEN if the PC was infected or not. Shades of Eleanor Roosevelt hyping the Census before D DAY (stay tuned for my ebook)

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