16 Dec

The beauty of tne internet is in the good it does bring along with downsides.

[ ]  [ Note: The blurred spot at Sharons residence is where Egged Bus 19 was blown up 1 29 2004. 11 people from 11 cultures were murdered on the bus that day. I lit candles there when I went to Israel. A plaque is there recalling the names of the murdered. I saw the plaque quite by accident. I asked my guide permission for me to exit the car. Water bottle in hand using my shirt bottom I washed then wiped the plaque bright carefully painstakingly tracing the letters of the named. At one name my tears were thicker than the water I was pouring. When I finished tracing the name I bent to kiss it. Not a day goes by I dont miss him… my baby brother Radio commentary Brooklyn NYs Jewish Press columnist Chezi Goldberg. I remember the knee wall. It has since been rebuilt. Collateral damage of the living is a new reality accepting the dead from the pigua were special. God called them home then and there because he needed them for HIS plan. That is what makes each day amazing. Trusting in the plan…


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