16 Dec

SACRIFICE- there is nothing more spectacular than a tale brokered with the naivite of the culture misspelling the title as the movie begins. SACRAFICE as the Samuel Goldwyn distributed tales begins as the DVD rolls, is the tell of Solomon’s wisdom to knowing which is the real mother, the mother willing to die for her child’s salvation or the mother willing to let the child die from lack of empathy, the twist in this visually rich film being the men self determined as Solomons are nothing more than mere mortals, if that. The tale begins with the overtaking of the Zhoa dynasty by a disgruntled warlord willing to sacrifice a baby inside the womb of its mother because of grudge of dynastic generations. Trained poisonous insects, mad dogs trained to kill costumes camouflaging a man not his heart, start the movie off to a compelling journey of Chines thought, clearly an insight in to the China modern day economics fears encroachment by yet still hasn’t got a clue to the depth and tear of revenge… as long as it takes. In this case, in SACRIFICE, revenge is accomplished  after 15 years when the Zhoa baby saved by a righteous doctor who gave up his own wife and son to save his culture. Or so he thought. Raising a baby he would not hate because it was saved with the blood of his own heart, the doctor brings his boy to be tutored by the man who ordered the boy’s mother and father murdered. The boy rises to a maturity of learning wrong and right when faced with a look back to his past, the cradle of the boy who died so the prince might live at which time he faces the only father he has known only to reject the man. Or does he?

An excellent film to see. Subtitled. Played at the West End Theatre in WashingtonDC committed to bringing DC culture, confidence and cinematic jewels that broker bridges between past and the future across the cultural divide.

2301 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20037 · (202) 419-3456 


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