16 Dec

They arent the guys that weakened knees in high school. They arent the guys that wouldnt amount to much in life beyond full heads of hair that lasted longer than their middle aged peers. They arent the guys that made girls swoon w  an ‘ehhhhh’ purse of their lips & cock of their Head Finger & other body parts. They arent the guys who were in high school maybe longer than most & if they didn’t get to college never quite told people they didnt pass which they saw the same as ‘attended’ on resumes. They arent the guys that knew they were smokin’ hot but pretended they didnt do the girls they got to pay for dates they called Dutch. They arent the guys whose grades fell below C no matter. They arent the guys whose ambition was little more than a car drag or booze cruise or figuring making it to yet another day was a score. They werent the guys women accepted less more because the attention (as long as it lasted) sent the girls over the moon until the girls learned more. They werent the guys constantly finding new conquests w predatory zoom in on girls that looked like librarians they were challenged to conquer & flip from homey 2 wild. They aren the guys who had story after story 2 cover trails & hide failures. They arent the guys w little substance who thought they were special. They werent the Fonzies. 

They are the Nerds.

They are the guys girls walked past in high school halls w chests caved as not 2 garner their attention. Ewww. They are the guys that wore pocket protectors 4 their pens. They are the guys that studied for’s not ehhhhs. They are the guys who didnt clue in a sock hop was a dance not a gym class move. They are the guys who sweated buckets whengirls looked their way. They are the guys girls wouldn’t give a tumble. They are the guys who had Visions Dreams & followed them through- Wife Two kids White picket fence Boring steady job Career Loyalty Faith filled & didnt cheat on girlfriends let alone wives. 50 to them was a marital destination not an age 2 have a crisis @. They are the guys who respected their Dads Told truths as tough as they were & and if a friend was needed they were true & indeed. They are the guys dads wanted daughters 2 bring home not the others dads knew would bring heartbreak.

They are the nerds 

Who are they? the men to vote for who ‘got Americas back….. shades of Reagan- Romney and Ryan…. Revenge of the Nerds


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