16 Dec

 Do you remember the yelling & insulting that went on about Mr Bush quietly ending a session w children on 9/11. Andy (Card) quietly leaned in to whisper in 43’s ear. AND in a quiet non disruptive way Mr Bush left to adress our Nation? Something about chickens coming home to roost smacks here with Bhengazi and the slaughter & torture of the Ambassador. Mr. Bush did not go out on the campaign trail. Mr. Bush did not deceive a nation with stories still being backtracked. Mr. Bush did not deserve the slander he suffered as political talking points to further a democratic agenda. Sad there will be no apology forthcoming to a men that led from in front rather than from behind…..

Elegance and etiquette were replaced with a man playing Commander In Chief learning in real time PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN GLASS WHITE HOUSES SHOULD NOT THROW STONES. 

A man in a coffee shop in NWDC said the man he voted for in 2008 list his vote. Lying about where 44 was & what 44 did is his final straw. Leaving back to home base after talking with children who did not need to be scared is NOT as repulsive as lying to the American people about 5 men in your (44) service….. There is something about that movie that smacks back to someone I met in 1999… think of WAG THE DOG….. first the Jews were blamed. Then the Coptic Christians…. 

There is something about thuggery and in your face disrespect that only goes so far. Mitt… firsthand? They are coming. Build a field and the Call Bankers here the voters coming- 

Ohio teacher: afraid to vote against her union? Advice given…. look in the mirror. Who you see is who you can count on…. forget about promises…. you already learned their value. The old blue haired lady who said she has been a life long Dem…. no regrets changing her vote for what may be her last election. FOR ANYONE WHO THINKS ANTI SEMITISM IS DEAD IN AMERICA it is alive and well in the Dem community responding to Republican Jewish Coalition phone banking calls……. Hell hath no fury like a Dem who sees the finish line (ant they arent crossing it). God Bless America and God Bless Ill timed (unfortunately) paper dumps… FOIA FOREVER


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